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New Cruchers

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Jan 14, 2002
Okay. Well, just to get things going some more, i'll start a thread. I just bought my "newegg" computer. Yes, i even bought the newegg casebadge. Specs:

One Newegg Case Badge (gotta love it)
Foxcon something or other case w/ 300 watt psu
MSI K7N420 PRO mobo refurbed (just cause it has onboard everything, and i wanted to try the nvidia nforce chipset)
XP 1600 refurbed (DOA. :-( sending it back monday)
256 mb Crucial PC2100 DDR.
And the Volcano6Cu HSF. It was cheap.

I had money, and i wanted a cruncher.. so there. lol

I should be getting a dell 1ghz system up tomarrow, after install a hard drive into it.

Oh, and I think you all should send me free parts. It's for the good of the seti.. trust me.. ;-)


Aug 10, 2002
Richmond, VA
Keep em coming...

I too just ordered *another* newegg computer.

MSI MS-6378X-L
256 Kingston ValueSDRAM (just a cruncher - nothing else)
Dragon Orb 3
Cheapest Case they had, all I have to do is throw in the spare power supply I have.
And then throw in one of these spare HDs I have lying around.

And next saturday is the computer show. Last one I picked up a BB Duron for abt $130 hopefully I can get something close, because that one takes too long on the wus.


Senior Member
Oct 5, 2001
Ottawa, Canada
A real kick *** deal for a chip would be the 1700+ or 1800+. About 65.00 for the 1700+ and 75.00 for the 1800+ and they're most likely guaranteed to hit 2 GHz. PMS Fishy has one so you can ask him questions about it.



Jun 1, 2002
Yodums said:
the 1700+ and 75.00 for the 1800+ and they're most likely guaranteed to hit 2 GHz.


A 500 mhz overclock? I can barely get my xp 1700 to run stable at 1700 Mhz. And my xp 1600 is maxed out at 1680. It's not the heat and I know my memory is not holding them back either. So what's the secret Yodels? Must be liquid nitrogen.