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New DOA FX-4350?

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New Member
Aug 3, 2016
I've never encountered anything like this before:

I built a box from a bunch of new stuff left over from bundled buys last year.

The MB is an MSI 970 Gaming and it had 8G of new RAM and a new 650W PS. I didn't really have a good CPU for it, but used a Phenom II X3 just for test purposes until I could get a long deal on an FX- series CPU. It worked perfectly with Win7 and I occasionally used with no problems. Finally, Fry's had FX-4350s for $70 today, so I got one. Checked the CPU compatibility on the MSI website and it's supposed to be fine.

I dropped it in with no problem and then reset the fan and powered it up -- nothing except the fan and the motherboard lights. No video output at all...ZERO.

OK, I pulled the plug and removed the CPU and replaced it with the Phenom II and it works.

Switched the FX-4350 back in...nothing.

Any thoughts? Am I just stupidly missing something obvious? Should I clear the CMOS? Is it the rare DOA CPU? What?

Thanks for any help!
you need to pop into the bios and reset it to default first so it picks up the new cpu on it's own.
I believe the BIOS is current. By clearing the CMOS, I got it up and running.

I had no idea you still had to do that in the 21st century!

Thanks for the encouragement!
Needed clearing because of the generation change in CPU (AM3 -> AM3+)
Glad it's working!!