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new driver w/wattman support for 390X

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Oct 28, 2004
Ohio, USA
so i just updated my driver for my MSI 390X today. running 16.12.2 relive drive. so after the fresh install and reboots. i have found out that wattman kills afterburners OC's. how i know this is cause after the restart and i have apply on start up for my OC's. the card is still running at stock OC of 1080/1500. it should be running at 1150/1650. i try to apply those through AB and get no where. i open up redeon settings and go to wattman and its still only showing 1080/1500.

Am i the only one who this is happening to? if so how can i fix this?

I am also running the newest stble version of AB and rivatune.

thanks in advance.
i can but trying to add voltage is another story. i haven't found a way to do it yet. i change the voltage and it stays the same. reverts back to what ever they had in there.

also the fan profile sucks in wattman and i can't change it. all manual or what ever their profile is.
Wattman is a pos to oc with. use MSI Afterburner, trust me. I tried using wattman when I had an RX480 and all it did was reward me with bloo screens.
i have been, after i did this update with a fresh install of the drivers wattman kills all AB oc'ing attempts. i have to use wattman to oc the card. it sucks i really want to go back to the overdrive. at lest with that i could turn off.
That sucks. I had no problems OCing my 480 with Wattman (as far as the reference card would go, at least) Can you download just the drivers from AMD and skip the rest? That was an option at one time with AMD recently. I'm out of touch since I went Green, but I remember having that ability on the AMD download page.
thats what i thought i did. but will try again. but then again it is amd they're bound to f*** some thing up.