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New Great Front Page Article

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Feb 26, 2002
Hey, there is a great new thread on the from page you need to
read. Go directly to it here.

Then go here for an interesting idea.

If you are interested in WBs, don't miss these.
Yes a very good article. Perhaps a bit much for a single sitting for many?

I don't think the people chomping at the bit to test blocks know what they are getting into...
I agree with that. If they only knew what they were getting into.

It's very good karma for the guy who does do it right. :D
Takes years to get to the point of "doing it right" though. My test equipment is now in pretty good shape (still need a die simulator regrettably), but finding the time to get the methodology in place, get reproducible results, and then test many blocks is not likely. A lag time in units of years is unacceptable to most, but hard to avoid.
The Spyder said:
WOW what a lengthy aritcal........ i wish he had some better blocks in there..........

i really think you missed the point - this was not ment to be 'another waterblock roundup' it was written in so much detail in order to inform people of how much testing and control is needed when testing waterblock - something most waterblock tests lack (coug[H])
What commercial blocks are better than the Innovatek rev3 at very low volumetric flow rates or than the MCW462-U at high volumetric flow rates?