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New GTX 1070, few questions.

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Dec 19, 2005
New York

OK no worries e-dog. This thread is such a cluttered mess I would've like to start a separate one get another 1070 owners chiming in but it's cool.

I had a few hours to play with it last night . Here is what I did so far.
I didn't push it hard at all.. just starting to get the hang of it by clocking up at 40 MHz intervals per benchmark set. I must say I am very very impressed with the performance per clock on the OC.

I set Msi after at 112 max power limit. Max heat limit 92.
I put the fan on a steady 72% .. 72% is the decibel level where the performance of the fan is great, and I can barely hear it at all while gaming and watching movies . So I am choosing to keep this as a 24/7 fan setup. It keeps the code at 30° Idle. And 69 to 72° load maximum at this fan speed . I am very happy with the performance .

now as far as clocking the card . I spent many hours benchmarking so I did not get too far last night . But I can say I didn't get any artifacts, zero crashes, just pure perfect performance . Flawless overclocking which is always a good thing.

Stock Clock monitoring MSI AB using 3dmark firestrike were getting :
4000 memory
1797 to 1843 up and down ( turns out Msi afterburner was working properly previously last night)
3dmark firestrike results stock :
14,213 total score
Graphics score 17,917

So how did my few hours of overclocking go ?
4180 memory
1940 to 1980 core boost
Power draw I was hitting 112 % for heaviest points of the benchmark. Is this normal ? Does that mean the OC is maxed out ?

3dmark firestrike OC results.
14,708 total score
18,847 graphics score

View attachment 181028
I'm definitely happy with how the card is overclocking so far . I only stopped overclocking because fire strike take so damn long to run per test. Tonight I plan on getting another couple hundred megahertz out of both frequencies . Any advice or ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated .

Hey guys. Dom here. To all of my long lost OCF buddies , hope all is well!
I'm still running a 3770 K set up @ 4.5 GHz these days, 8GB ddr3 1600, Samsung 840 pro, and have been out of the game for a long time Please treat me like a beginner . Win 7 64bit

Picked up a 1070 GTX Founders edition yesterday at Best Buy. Card is absolutely incredible . I was running 2 x 6970s and crossfire for 7 years now flawlessly and didn't even need to upgrade but i needed HDMI 2.0 for my new Sony xbr 4K tv to Stream 4K video and 4K gaming.

I have a few questions. This is my first Nvidia card in 12+ years and I owned every single iteration of ATI premium cards so this is new territory for me .

1) Nvidia control panel the setting for physics do I select the card or the CPU ?

2) i'm getting 13,300 total score and with 18,000 graphics 3D Mark fire strike default. Is this correct for my system set up ? And does it match the stock GTX 1070 figures ? Seems my physics score is low at 7000 compared to other systems .

3) I noticed there is no default overclocking to included with the Nvidia control panel. Where do I download software to overclock? And what should I expect to achieve GPU and memory frequencies ? I don't want to touch fan speed, I want to leave the voltage completely stock. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg What should I shoot for on the OC?

Thanks fellas!
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Welcome back!

Use MSI Afterburner for overclocking. If you have a single card, there is no need to mess with PhysX. Here is what my setup looks like with a 750Ti for PhysX:
Screenshot 2016-07-12 06.54.02.png

I'm sure others will chime in with more opinions. :)
Nade, ATM, etc really good to see you guys still on here ! Thank you very much for the help. I figured the physics had something to do with my old CPu. I'm going to download MSI afterburner tonight when I get home from work and start overclocking.. Now I'm going to read the article on the GTX 1070.

The quality of the 4K resolution is absolutely astounding on my new TV . It really really change the game completely for me . Gaminge in 4K resolution is literally liquid crystal clear .. And watching videos is a treat
1) I'd stay on Auto for the physics.

2) Here's a 1070 review from our front page: http://www.overclockers.com/msi-gtx-1070-gaming-x-8g-video-card-review/
What's the graphics score if you run Fire Strike Extreme? The Physics score is low as expected due to the old CPU.

3) I prefer MSI Afterburner or EVGA PrecisionX for overclocking on NVIDIA.

P.S. Will set your Decennial badge now :)

7000 is low for a [email protected], it should be in the 10K+ range.

Was getting 12800 with my [email protected].
Hrm... Dom is your memory in single or dual channel mode? Are you still at 4.5GHz?
What do you think could be causing my low physic? One thing I will say is it was the first run. It wasn't a second run . should I try to run it after it is already loaded into system memory?
What do you think would cause low physx?
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Dual channel ARES low ddr3 profile memory
8GB 2x4GB stock VoLts, stock timings , stock frequency 1600 MHz

And Guys, my signature is wrong. Sorry for the confusion. I'm actually only running 4.20 GHz on the 3770k.

Please make this correction to my signature hasn't changed in six years . 3770 K at 4.2 GHz , 1.27 volts.

Would the frequency affect my physic score ?
Do you have a lot of apps running in the background?

Some can be quite taxing and have a strong impact on physics score.

What does your task manager says in the Performance tab when idling? Is the CPU/Memory usage high?
Do you have a lot of apps running in the background?

Some can be quite taxing and have a strong impact on physics score.

What does your task manager says in the Performance tab when idling? Is the CPU/Memory usage high?

Thank you for your help .. long time old school bencher here. I run a bare-bones win7 64 operating system, especially when benching . Services and processes are minimalist. 6 GB of memory free out of 8 GB Of system ram. Page file set at 4/4. CPU and memory utilization is pretty much 0% and every single non essential front end and background application is of course closed .
Well I think you might be onto something.
I'm one of these people that have always had HT disabled forever!
For many years now there has been very little benefit when gaming switching on HT. And I've never been in the video editing, graphic editing, audio editing business , or had any instances where ibwould need and benefit from hyper-threading ..

Throughout my long time overclocking adventures over the years, disabling hyperthreading has decreased temperatures from 5° to 20° on average and has increased my overall OC byy 5 % to 20% for 24/7 stability.

I know what you're going to say already.... Lol maybe I should try enabling HT ? have I been out of the OC game for much too long? Does HT benefit physx these days?
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Enabling HT will give you the 20/25% extra physics points you need to be in line with 3770k results ;)

Edit: Physics score is not Nvidia PhysX. HT won't improve PhysX. Don't know of many games that will benefit from it. A few will certainly (RTG games, maybe Arma series...).
I don't mean if it's actually a dual channel memory kit, but if it is running in dual channel on your motherboard. CPUz can tell you this in either the Memory or SPD tab.
That's what I meant in my post. The kit is running in dual channel mode . Of course.

- - - Updated - - -

I'm using my cell phone for speech recognition. So what I meant to say was physics points in 3D Mark. Lol looks like I will be in enabling hyperthreading when I get home from work tonight And I will check back in with you guys ! Thank you so much for your help fellas
Good deal, just wanted to make sure :)

HT will definitely help, hopefully that'll take care of you!