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new kid on the block...

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New Member
Jun 11, 2001
heyas all,

this is my firstest post on this board and i have a serious question about which type of gpu to purchase for my first home built rig.

i am pretty intent on getting a geforce 2 pro because several of my pals have the card and i love the results.

my inquiry deals with which to buy.

i am thinking about the card that either msi or powercolor builds becuase of the price and it lacks any cooling.

if i decide to get either card, how would i go about finding a cooling solution?

any info would be greatly appreciated, and i look forward to posting in the future ^_^
Welcome to the Forum :)

The GeForce range of graphic cards are great performers and some great value, however rather than say one make is a great deal better than another I think people generally have there own personal preferences. So I offer this advice which I hope is more useful to you.
The GeForce graphic cards draw a great deal of power through the AGP port and if the card features a fan which draws its power from the card.. I would suggest relocating this. There are many pre-packaged chipset cooling solutions such as the Blue Orb that I use on my GeForce, but I would not recommend this product and will be changing mine shortly, chipset coolers are available from most good suppliers.
If you would like my recommendation though try Elsa.. they are high quality cards that don't mind being run faster than standard
i have a powercolor GeForce 2 MX, and it performs quite well for me, with it's stock cooler.
i want to change to better cooling, but have'nt HAD to yet.
so i'll probably hold off till i someday set up watercooling, and include the vid card in that.

i'd also recommend Elsa, as i've heard good things about them.

and i think you're making a good decision for a video card, i'm sure you won't be dissappointed whichever brand you choose.

personally, i'd just find the best deal.
but theres often variances with the quality of RAM which does impact performance. just compare the specs on those you're considering.
thats the best way to decide.
Leadtek isn't bad either. Good software bundle, mine overclocks well and always the best memory (least mine has the good stuff). Leadtek does tend to be a little more in price than others but they give you alot of good software.

I also have a Radeon 64MB VIVO in my main rig and have to plug a bit for it. It doesn't give benches like the GeForce line but it is second to none in display. Much better color and no hit when running games in 32-bit color/Hi-Res. Have to consider it.
thanks for the inputs guys, i will consider what you've said.

here's another thing i'm wondering also:

the msi/powercolor geforce 2 pro 64mb with TV don't appear to have fans on them in their respective site descriptions and pictures. do any of you know what i can do then? will installing an aftermarket cooling fan be possible? again, thanks for any responses ^_^