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Thanks Colin ! I thought the yh was the best one. Guess I'll try thjis one too.
The link worked last night. You should be able to find it from Icronic's home page.

The chip was a 1.2 gig 100mHz AXIA.
It's like someone put a lot of effort into mgetting that revision jerked out of circulation real fast. I can't find it anywhere either, including Icrontic. "Page not found"

Still putzing with the 650 T-bird and new KT7A. Trying to see what I can get for 2V or less on the core. Right now, 129x7. A lot like Walleye Fishing :)

If you know the name of that bios upgrade I may have it I downloaded it last night but havent installed it yet I just want to make sure I give you the right one
if you go to icrotic's main page it appears someone is in legal trouble and the page may be out of sorts i can't hit any downloads either. wish i had got the BIOS the other day when i saw it.
Here is the link to abits ftp for beta BIOS
the kt7yp01 is there just downloaded it
I downloaded it last night and installed it. Much the same as the yh, except for the following:

KT7 bios YP.b01

Release Information

1. Fixes the booting issue with AHA 29160N/2940U2W/2940U SCSI
cards with BIOS version 2.57.2
2. Fixes the booting issue with SCSI cards based on Symbios
Logic chip like 53C875.
My board went psycho after installing it. Went back to WZ and the wierdness persists.
OK just flashed YP BIOS
I have a KT7-RAID NO-A 1.2G Tbird
The YH Bios when I set Multi to 12.5 booted to 1300Mhz (104X12.5)
The YP Bios when I set Multi to 12.5 boots to 1300Mhz (100X13)
the highest Multi is 12.5 MBM , ETC says 1300MHZ
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I went back to WZ and keep getting the 1300Mhz (104X12.5) for the 12.5 setting no matter which BIOS I load. So I took a BIOS chip from another KT7-R, put it in this board and flashed my favorite WZ. Same thing. I think I have unleashed a monster.
COLIN have you tried the YP BIOS and if so do you get the same as i do also if you know what is you CPU mine is a AVIA0108XXX
Tried WZ and WW. My CPU is AXIA0105GPAW. I am going to try a 1 gig AJFA chip tomorrow and see what happens. Bare in mind, I physically changed BIOS chips and the same problem persists. Something else is happening here. I don't think changing a CPU will do anything.
in another thread edraven also sees this and i've seen other posts elsewhere. I wonder if it's just the 1.2G chips or the 12.5 Multi. it changed for me with the YP Bios tho...I'm starting to get concerned that if it's doing this what else could be going on that I can't see.. I've seen too many BIOS'es that if Something isn't right odds are something else is wrong too.
I switched mine back too. The forum looks the same, but msn.com has jumped a few numbers higher on the fonts.(actually it looks like either 800x600 or 640x480)... I'm on 1024x768! Even my homepage is strangely different. ... and every other sight ...Another thing I noticed is in the bios it had a tab to enable/disable support for "DOMEX 3194UW". I tried it both ways but the system was the same. No other probs here though....

KT7A-R duron 750@1000 (750x133)...no changes.