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new mobo/ NO BOOT Help

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Apr 5, 2001
I just installed the new Abit KT7A-RAID mobo - straight swap-out for the old KT7-RAID. I'm getting immediate shut-down. I checked ps connection - firm and tight. I stripped all cards except vid card - same result. The bios that came w/the new board is YH - same as I was running in the old board. I hooked in a fan to "fan1" just to make sure that was not the problem.

The only thing(s) hooked up are :
hdd's (two in RAID 0)
vid card
water cooled w/be cooling setup
pananflo 120mm sucking
eheim 1046 inline pump
case cover off

Sure could use some help on this one. I'm chompin' the bit . . .
Sounds like fan pluged into#2 header; but you said you checked it. You might check it again. Check video card to see if seated good. Might check mem to see if seated .


T-Bird 1000@ 1433
When you say shut down, do you mean that you are getting a post
and Cmos start up on screen?

If so, it sounds like a short somewhere. Check the motherboard
to be sure that no parts are touching metal except for the screws
which connect the board.
Sounds like the fan is in # 2 spot like they said, If you get it to work get the latest bios update is removes that feature and updates the RAID controlers bios too
Also, check your CCM0S1 (CMOS discharge jumper)
If it is somehow set for 32 instead of 21 you will get your stated results. Also try a boot without the raid confg. See if you can get a good boot w/using ide 1&2 only. You have removed other possible causes, now check your raid