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New motherboard and ram, same cpu

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Apr 16, 2011
I accidently dropped my RAM and bent some of the pins on my asus rog strix-f mobo. I was pissed! But thankfully I always buy a protection plan. I returned to MC with the mobo and got in store credit.I'm guessing since I had a heart attack last week my mom was feeling bad for me as it has been a crappy two weeks and she gave me some extra money (that I do have to pay back) to get the Z690 strix-e mobo this time. I chose some white Corsair Vengeance ddr5 5600 32gb kit since I didn't want to match my white case. I want to OC the cpu again of course, but I cannot find anything on this. Do you guys have a guide? I know if I screw this up again, I'm giving up on pc's and just going to go back to console gaming. As much as I love pc's and building them and specs and all that, I'm starting to think I'm just not cut out for them. Anyhow, if anyone wants to give me some help or ideas please chirp in. Thanks again...
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Plenty of guides on Youtube, but hear me out on this. Don't overclock your main machine, personally I don't overclock the CPU in any machine I own. The gains are pitifully small from what they were years ago, and the increased power draw, heat, and unreliability makes it a no-brainer. Tinkering around and doing some 3DMark runs to see what I can get the hardware to do and then immediately going back to stock is all I ever do now. Even with a very beefy dual rad CPU/GPU custom water loop, I still leave it stock. Just something to consider.
I know it seems counterintuitive being Overclockers.com and all, but yeah..... don't overclock (especially if you want to be spoon fed settings as you know that doesn't always work). Enable XMP on your RAM and enjoy your machine. It's plenty fast at stock and as FA said, the gains these days are pretty negligible. Save yourself the hassle.