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New Motherboard Monitor

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Cowboy X

Oct 12, 2001
Folding in Barbados
Here's a link to MBM


EDIT : Changes

* VIA VT8235 smbus added
* SiS0016 smbus via Sis0008 added
* SiS0016 smbus via Sis0018 added
* SiS0016 smbus via Sis0961 added
* SiS0016 smbus via Sis0962 added
* SiS0016 smbus via Sis0963 added
* AMD1027 support added
* ITE8722F support added
* MySon0008 sub-voltage added
* W83697HF sub-voltage added
* Asus Mozart2 added
* MAX6651 support [see help] added
* ICH smbus support improved
* Winbond temp not updating fixed
* HDD with the same name issue fixed
* HDD temp compensation issue fixed
* HDD on/off issue fixed
* SCSI scan issue fixed
* Asus A7N266 wrong detection fixed
* Asus A7N266 slow detection fixed
* Asus A7V133 suspend causing wrong detection issue fixed
* Beep issue under winXP fixed [I hope]
* ISA dump added to system info
* SMB dump added to system info
* PCI dump added system info
* Transperancy override added to dashboard
* NT4 & transparency fixed on dashboard
* Passive mode FTP option added
* Memory usage added to OSD
* Messages added to MBM, see the help file advanced section
* Option to always restart with standby, see the help file advanced section
* Names & Alarms can now be update via the sharedmemory and mbm will take these values over. [I hope]
cheers for that u just reminded me i need to install this again, i formated the other day and forgot about it
Thanks for the notification;)

P4x4: little proggie called gkrellm: does most everything MBM does and a few other things as well.

Runs great under RH7.3, haven't tried it with other distros.
how the heck do you see HD temps!?!?!?
I cant find that :(
Or maybe its my drives aren't compatable??
Codeman05 said:
how the heck do you see HD temps!?!?!?
I cant find that :(
Or maybe its my drives aren't compatable??

Thats probably it. My Late model Maxtors both have sensors built in that MBM can read, but my Western Digital which is 1 yr old does not.