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New motherboard

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New Member
Apr 26, 2001
Newbie here!
Whats a good overclock firndly mothorboard? Also, is DDR worth it? Or should i just stick with PC133? I was looking at some IWILLs, but was wondering if ASUS or ABIT make a comparable board.
Personally, i think all the KT133A boards from Asus, Abit and Iwill are comparable in performance. DDR is almost there..... if I were you, if you can stand holding off for like another 3 weeks to a month, I would get DDR then. Right now the big thing with me is I am waiting to see what kind of KT266 offerings come from Abit, Asus, and Iwill. MSI has proven that KT266 is at LEAST as capable as AMD760, and it beats ALi Magik 1. Let a few other companies take a stab at the DDR thing so that you've got some extra choices. I know it's the theme o' the year around here, but just wait a little longer of you can.

sickboy is right about waiting for DDR. The problem with asking a question about this is that people are fanticlly loyal to a particular brand. ASUS, ABIT, IWILL, and MSI all have great reviews, and there are good points to each. The MSI is the cheapest of the bunch, the IWILL seems to be the fav of the board, and the ASUS and ABIT boards are impeccible too. Just go with what features you want on a board and price, they are all excellent brands and whos better can be debated into infinity as they are so close. You will not loose with any of the brands.