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New mouse for light gaming.

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Jul 17, 2003
My current Dell mouse is going out. Too many clicks I guess. I've taken it apart and cleaned it but it still double clicks on me when I press down once, etc. Time for a new one.

I want a gamming mouse but not a GAMMING mouse. I don't need a lot of fancy adjustments nor do I want more buttons. I wouldn't know the difference in weight by moving a few pieces of metal around. I just want a general all around mouse.

I want a simple mouse with solid construction and high resolution. Two buttons and a wheel is all I'll use. For that matter, I don't care if it's for gaming as much as I want something that will last and work as intended.
Are you looking for something ambidextrous or curved for a right hand?

I've always been a bit partial towards Logitech for their mice as their Customer Service has always been excellent to me.


Isn't crazy over the top, has a couple thumb buttons and some RGB lighting that I'm sure you could disable. But I'd bet it is quite comfortable and has a good sensor.

SteelSeries makes good mice, as does Corsair. I've heard good things about Mionix but I've never used one of their devices. Razer is popular, but I've mostly heard poor things about durability/build quality.
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My Razer Naga Epic is still trucking, since 2012. Daily use too. My Razer Orochi (first gen) is probably from 2010 or 2011 and also sees daily abuse as my laptop mouse.
Logitech G402 is pretty good.
Or either of the Steelseries Rivals too.
Or the Mionix Castor is nice...
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Having seen some gamers in action, I suspect a lot of the Razer's durability issues come from people treating it like a hammer instead of an electronic instrument. :D
Logitech G600

20-64 buttons on it.


Its really only 20 buttons, but you can have a second function to each button by pressing the extra third button. Then there are three profiles for that, bringing total buttons to around 64.

up to 8200 dpi. Tanks snap around at breakneck speeds at that level of dpi :p

Every button is mappable and macroable. Has rgb leds in the numpad which are highly customizable for colors; and It feels great for big hands.

I'm disabled, so having the excessive buttons on the mouse is a godsend.


Also...you could put a dab of hot glue on the tip of the clicker, its possible that the double clicking is a result of worn down plastic not making full contact with the underlying button on the pcb. it only "partially registers" and thehn causes a "spam" of clicks because the button is on the cusp of on and off.
I'm currently using the Asus GX950 ; https://www.asus.com/us/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers/GX950/

Fits nicely, not a gazillion buttons and works great. I also have the Logitech G9X too.

I like the size and shape of that. I tend to use a "claw" style grip with my fingers to the far right causing a non-squared off clicking position of my fingers on the buttons. This looks like it addresses that.
I was having scroll wheel problems with the Logitech G9X, then I saw the Asus GX950 on newegg's refurb section for $15. Figured why not and snapped it up. Since I have large mitts, I need a mouse that will fit my hand and I also use the "claw" style. The Asus mouse fits perfectly and works great. Be advised tho on the top it has 4 RGB bars that light up in red and pulsates. Not sure if this will bother you. I've grown used to it and doesn't bother me one bit. I found a fix for the G9X's scroll wheel problem: there's a button on the bottom of the mouse I've overlooked and when I clicked on it the issue was gone, go figure :bang head

Mouse works as it should and for the price I can't complain.
My Razer Naga Epic is still trucking, since 2012. Daily use too. My Razer Orochi (first gen) is probably from 2010 or 2011 and also sees daily abuse as my laptop mouse.

The Naga looks nice but a refurb price of $80 is more than I'm willing to do.
The Naga looks nice but a refurb price of $80 is more than I'm willing to do.
Look at the Orochi if you want a Razer product. It's a claw friendly, but mainly designed as a laptop mouse. Bluetooth and a cabled mode.

If it's for a desktop, there may be a better mouse cause you'd be paying for Bluetooth you don't need.
The Naga looks nice but a refurb price of $80 is more than I'm willing to do.

If you are considering a naga, I really do stress the Logitech g600. I had a naga before this, and I can't tell you how much i hated that mouse. It was a pain in the *** to clean the Numpad. I got my g600 for $50, and I will probably exclusively buy this mouse for the foreseeable future, should mine ever go bad. Its easy to claw grip it, and my hand is like 3x bigger than the average persons hand, and its perfect in size.
The Logitech G203 and the G403 both look attractive to me but I seem to be leaning towards the Asus GX950. I truly have a **** posture when on my machine at home. If an ergonomics type person were to look at me working their head would explode. I don't have large hands and I rest the palm of my hand off the edge of my desk which lends itself to a smaller mouse. Buttons for my thumb are just an idea I can't seem to get my head around so those would be wasted on me.
What? Pass up a chance of a hand picture. Send it up.

I was looking at newegg for the Asus mouse but they do not carry that brand of mouse. That was a surprise.
Thanks for all of the input. You guys did save me from a potentially bad purchase. I went for the Asus GX950. I'll let you know what I think once it comes in.