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New official 12.41, Coolbits registry hack doesnt work?

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May 9, 2001
Whats up with this? Does anyone else have this problem?
I cant get the overclock menu to come up with these new official drivers!!

It's a little tricky sometimes...for some odd reason. I would try doing the following.

-Right Click anywhere on the Desktop
-Click on Properites
-Click on the "Settings" tab.
-Click on the "Advanced" Tab
-Click on "Adapter"
-Click on "Change"
-Click on "Search for Driver"
-Click on "Browse" and find the directory
with your video card drivers.
-Reload the drivers BUT when the computer asks you to restart say "NO"
-Now...Double click on the Registry hack icon and click "OK" to enter it into the registry.
-Now...Reboot and check the settings to see if the OC tab is there.

Hope this helps!
there is a little blurb about this on hardocp. you have to replace one of the driver files with an older one.
Here is the exact info they have about that:

Here is a way to bypass the incompatibilities that the latest Detonator series drivers have with the Cool Bits registry hack. After installing drivers that do not allow video card over clocking by the Cool Bits hack.

1. Make sure the Display Properties window is CLOSED.
2. Insert the nVCpl.dll from an older set of detonator drivers ( I use the 6.49's) into C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM, and click YES when asked to over write the current file.
3. Use the Cool Bits hack like normal, reboot, click Enable Clock Frequency Adjustments in [H]ardware Options, reboot again.
4. Tweak to your heart's content.
5. Lather rinse and repeat.