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New Overclockers Premium Membership and Ad Updates

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Sim Racing Aficionado Co-Owner
Jun 28, 2012
As of yesterday afternoon we have been working to implement a new ad serving logic for the forum. The new setup is for guests of the forum to have a full ad experience is served, while for registered members of the forum a limited ad experience is served. Premium members, as always, will have no ads.

Want to gain more from your Overclockers membership? Become a Premium Member and help support this community. We aren't a huge corporation, and every bit helps keep the lights on at your favorite tech community.

As an Overclockers Premium Member, you'll gain access to exclusive features, which are available only at this special membership level. Check out these features offered only through a Premium Membership.

  • Chat: Get access to real-time chat with other Overclockers members
  • Ad-Free Forum: While logged in as a Premium Member, you will not receive ads.
  • Discounted Merchandise: A huge discount on any merchandise we offer via TeeSpring.
  • Premium Member Section: Premium members get their own private discussion area within the forum.
  • Premium Member Badge: Stand out from the crowd and show your Overclockers support! You’ll get a special Premium Member badge to display below your username.
  • Access to Classifieds: Get access to our private Classifieds section before our normal 100 post rule by becoming a Premium Member.
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Given the new price structure, if you were an existing Premium Member, I will be sending you a PM with details of how your membership is being handled.

If you are a Senior Member, please see the thread below before subscribing:

If you are having issues with the new ad logic, please let us know in the thread below:
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