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New Ownership and Site Migration - Details Inside

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Dear Overclockers Family,

It is the dawn of a new day at Overclockers.com. For the first time since 2003, Overclockers Forums is independently owned and operated. As of this month, a small group of the staff (mdcomp, EarthDog, and myself) have acquired Overclockers.com, including the forums and blog.

Here's to all the years past and (hopefully) many more years to come!
- Austin, Joe, and Matt

So grateful to you guys for making this bold move! Independence is an overclocker's virture. :)

Here's to [at least] 20 more years of overclockers.com. :cheers:
It's great to see a lot of old names, that is for sure.

I have to say one of my most fond memories of this place are the Forum Wars and MIA... :)

Thats only because you didnt go on the overclockers disneyland trip a long long looooooooooooooong time ago.

Edit: Wow i just checked my old private messages, that trip was in august of 2003, im gonna go sit in a corner and cry about being old now.
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I want to congratulate everyone here, especially to our new co-owners who are taking a massive responsibility (No pressure at all. ;)) and will now lead us to the promise land. This couldn't have went to a better team of co-owners as I'm very optimistic of this forum's future.

Now it's time to pass the champagne or whatever your preferences are!

Now did someone say new hardware? Can we at least get some pix pls?!

Appreciate it, Jack! Preference is :beer:

New hardware, but still professional hosting LOL, halfway across the country for me.

I'd like to report a bug in the new server.
You made the switch, and he's still here.

I almost spit coffee on my monitors this morning when I scrolled down to this!

Terrific news! I'm glad this site is finally owned and operated by this very passionate group! So many sites age and fade away, it's heartening to see new opportunity flourish on one with such a long history.

Thanks Mat! Glad you're around to see the change after all the help you gave us at iNet and Penton over the years.

I was mentally rolling my eyes (if that's possible) at first until I read the details. Then, I thought for a moment and mentally shouted, "Yippee!"

And THAT is the reaction I was hoping for with the wording of the announcement!

Congratulations! That's how you know you spend too much time on a website lol :D

In all seriousness, its good to see the site is, and will remain in good hands. Like many others, I have been coming here for a long time.. and I am glad to see some good people take the helm.

OCF is still the best out there :salute:

I'm glad to see it as well, being a 6 year member myself. There's no way I could let this place fade away, same for Matt and Joe.

Congratulations! You folks have always been awesome. There was even a time there when life was really rough and back then you sent out "Happy Birthday" to people. That helped, because it was the only "Happy Birthday" I got. When I saw that there were going to be changes I actually got a little anxious until I read what was going on and so glad to see the heart is where it stays. Usually in changes it means the heart is being taken out.

Thanks for all you do!

Wow, that's a wild story. We were definitely in disbelief until we signed papers to get the site in "hand" thinking there's no way a random group of guys could get this place from Informa.

Wow! Congrats you guys! :clap:

Couldn't have asked for a better group to lead us into the future.
Definitely looking forward to seeing what happens here in the years to come! :thup:

Appreciate it SP

So grateful to you guys for making this bold move! Independence is an overclocker's virture. :)

Here's to [at least] 20 more years of overclockers.com. :cheers:

We're hoping for a couple decades more of this as well :)
Thanks! We were definitely surprised it worked out as well as it did, honestly.

I have seen sites die in short order because the ownership was not in line with the theme of the site/blog/forum. I know you guys have passion and that is what it takes.
Whoa! Sam! glad to see you are back! :clap:

Thanks for keeping this train rolling fellas! :thup:
I still cant figure out computer basics but thankyou guys for keeping this site alive. Look forward to another 15 years of lurking.
Congratulation ! Happy news indeed and my great appreciation for the initiatives ! :clap:
It was so nice to see so many familiar faces here. Seeing all those 200X join dates makes me so nostalgic.

It means a lot guys, thanks for stopping by and hope to see you all around more often (especially SSS) :)