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New PC Build, Can't get Precision XOC to load!!!

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New Member
Dec 22, 2016
Hello all! Just built a new PC (first time in years) with specs below. I installed Windows 10, got all my drivers loaded... Installed Precision X OC .. but it fails to run stating that there are directx dll errors. (d3dx9_3x / d3dx10 / d3dx11) Since windows 10 comes with the directx drivers, i don't know exactly what to do for this issue. I found a web installer for direct x and let it do it's thing.. but the issue persists. The dll files that it complains about exist on the system so i know they aren't missing. Any help would be much appreciated!!!

Asus Rampage V Edition 10
i7 6850k
GSkill Trident Z 32GB 3200
Samsung 256 M.2 SSD
EVGA G3 SuperNova 1000 PSU


May 30, 2004
Windows shouldn't be complaining about a missing DLL, even 10...

And it's likely that your Windows 10 has silent corruption. I would consider a backup, wipe and reinstall...

I had something similar before and had to wipe the drive and reinstall Windows. IIRC, Windows told me that a DLL was missing when trying to use 3ds Max one day... :( That was a while ago...

Also, AfterBurner is a good choice, FTW...
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New Member
Dec 22, 2016
I installed Afterburner as well... there are no errors with that program, however when i modify the power / temp levels.. nothing changes with the clock. I edited the config file to add the EULA agreement statement but that didn't do it either. I saw someone post about a switch on the FTW card that i can flip.. however, i'm not sure if that is truly the case? It supposedly switches between 2 different bios? I'm very new to this so I could be completely wrong on everything i'm doing haha!


Nov 10, 2016
You don't need to flip any switches. It's weird you can't Precision to work that's what I use. But afterburner is always what I used in the past. You have to set an offset manually too. I have the Ftw card try +101 on clock speed and +505 on memory speed run some firestrike or Unigine Heaven and see if it's stable. I use +101/505 and +115/505
I may be incorrect but from what I understand you may have to flash a custom bios yourself if you flip that switch I'm not sure it comes with an alternate bios.


AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
The switch in the FTW switches to a bios with higher max power and more aggressive default fan profile.

Follow these steps:

1) turn off PC
2) flip switch
3) unplug power from PC and wait 10 mins
4) plug in power and boot PC

(3) is critical as there are caps that have to completely discharge for the bios to switch. I don't know why, but you can search the EVGA forums if you don't believe me! :D

If you want max overclock, set your power slider to 130%, fan to 100% at 75 C...90% at 70 C...80 % at 60 C...and 60% 50 C and under.

That fan profile is very aggressive, but will keep the GPU cool. The Pascal chips down clock as temp goes up.

I get 2125 MHz out of my 1080 FTW!