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New Pc parts

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Feb 20, 2023
Okay. So I posted before about the building of my pc and finally got it bought. Now I’m currently dissecting everything checking QC and getting ready to put my blocks on the gpu and cpu. I have delved into a rabbit hole on thermal pads and paste.

Question 1 is: I have a Asrock x670 Taichi, do I replace all the thermal pads across the board including VRMs and M.2’s? Is it worth the time?

Question 2 is: I’m installing Alphacools water block for my 7900xtx Taichi. Do I use different pads or do I just use what was given?

I’ve seen people notice big differences in replacing the pads from MOBO manufacturers to something better but wasn’t sure if it was true
I can't speak on exactly the hardware and blocks you're using. What I can say is that aftermarket water blocks are machined to specific tolerances and using pads that weren't supplied with the blocks and or thicknesses stated in the instructions may cause contact issues. Not saying you can't use your own pads, as that's what I do when reassembling GPUs after original water cooling has run its course.

So all that to say my answer to question 1 is no, it's probably a waste of time unless you just want the experience.

Question 2: Use what is supplied with the block and pay very close attention to which thicknesses the instructions say to put in each location. Last thing you want is a whole bank of memory chips getting zero contact with the block.
No idea what blocks you're using... full cover? Then yes, you replace the pads on w/e you're putting the block(s) on with what came with the block. If you're not talking water blocks and for giggles... I wouldnt...

You use what's given to you by alphacool as it's made to fit with those tolerances which could be different than the regular heatsink. I believe the instructions state as much too.
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Sounds good. I’ve installed water blocks in my last two builds just never looked into changing the pads at the time until now. I’ll be using an Optimus AM5 block for my 7900x, and then that alphacool for the 7900xtx taichi. My MOBO just looked like it had some QC issues on thermal pads by first glance. I’m going to take the heat sinks off just to be sure before running my loop.