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New project - Aquadesk - Radiator choice

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Oct 31, 2002

I'm new to these forums. I have trawled through many, many posts here & learnt a lot - thanks all! I thought i'd post some info about my new project & throw some of my ideas and thoughts open to critique:

I'm in the process of designing a water cooled solution for my Pentium 4 based system. I'm calling this thing the Aquadesk because that's exactly what it will be! I needed a new desk for my computer & work area and since I used to be a carpenter & studied electronics at college I thought it would be neat to build a water cooled rig into a desk, all from scratch. I'm still at the CAD stage at the moment and because the system can take up as little or as much room as I want I have a wide range of options when compared to a WC system housed in a PC case. Hence I would appreciate any advice or input you guys could give me about my radiator ideas:

I'm thinking about either laying a fairly large heater core or small car radiator on it's back (ie horizontally) and using a couple of fans to blow air upwards. I'm figuring that airflow would be better with the radiator on it's back but I may have problems with trapped air since these thing's were designed to run upright. Alternatively I could use a car radiator (the type with a filler) in the vertical position - this would act like a reservoir and I presume would mean less air trapped and be easier to fill/drain the system with. What do you think? Has anyone conducted tests with radiators lying flat? Are car radiators with filler necks a good way to get a reservoir?

Thanks in advance for your advice & if anyone is interested in this project of mine i'll post some CAD pictures & keep you all informed as to my progress.
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Jun 24, 2002
Crotchfester (aka rochester), NY
yeah dude, if you can stealth fit something as big as a car radiator, go for it. you wont need much of a fan if at all... regardless, you have way more than enough room for a bare minimum of one car heatercore. I'd probably try and put in a whole bunch of them as 4 of 5 small HCs might be easier to fit in a normal looking desk than a car radiator. if you do decide to go the radiator or multiple heatercore setup, make sure you get a decent pump. not sure how well a small maxijet would handle something that big, or even if a Via Aqua would be robust enough. I'd probably splurge and get an eheim 1250 if you have the cash for it. good luck, and post some cad pics; cause pics are your friend :D