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new PSU or not?

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Mar 11, 2001
Hey people,
I have just bought 4 YS-tech fans (1x120mm and 3x80mm.)
But i only have a 230V power supply. It has 5, 4-pin power supply sockets. i am currently using 4 of them (1CD-rom, 1CDRW, and 2 hard drives). This only leaves me with one 4-pin socket for the fans. I dont think the power supply can take all fans with the use of y-connectors. So should i buy a new PSU or is there a way of connecting them all? If i have to buy a new PSU which is a good one to get? Thanks for the help people,

Adding those few fans shouldnt cause a problem to your existing PSU, and you can run them off the one molex with the aid of a fanbus (just check some overclocking sites for a "how to make a fanbus".

Thats just a "not having to buy a new PSU" option, as for which PSU is best...i really dont have a clue :)
Do you mean that your PSU is 230Watts or 230Volts? I'm alittle confused because you wrote 230V, which means volts. PSU's are rated in Watts (W)...just saying this to clear things up.

You can check if your PSU will hold out if your mobo has hardware monitoring features, specifically voltage monitoring. Fire up the system and plug in 1 fan, then run the system really hard (stress the cpu, watch a DVD), the whole idea is to watch your voltages during. As long as the volages dont drop 6% below what they're supposed to be then you fine.

Then add another, and repeat the process until either the voltages drop by more than 6% or until all the fans are hooked up
Yeah sorry did mean watts just werent thinking, Thanks for the help, guys. I will do what u both said. Cheers,

Richard, what CPU are you using with that supply? It is minimally qualified for a Duron and underqualified for a T-bird.