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new rig and a couple questions...

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Apr 11, 2002
D.C. Metro
well i finally got the parts to build a new rig. My wife being the cost consious person she is wouldnt let me get everything that I wanted but oh well.

I got an Athalon 1.3. when I check my system, it says it is running at 996. I thought that this was a 1.3G? How o I get the rest of the performance outta this?

My next questiong is about the thermal goop under the heat sink. I got a Volcano 6, a bit loud but it seems to work good, but it is a bit loud. When I put it on I used quite a bit of goop under it. the bottom of the HS has a copper disk about the size of a silver dollar. I covered teh whole disk with goop. is this to much?

thanks for your advise....



May 23, 2002
check your motherboard for a jumper that will make your default FSB 133 instead of 100. If there isn't a jumper there should be an option in the BIOS to change the default to 133.

What's happening is your motherboard can do 100mhz FSB or 133, it defaults to 100 because if you put in a 100 FSB cpu first and try to run it at 133 it might not even start up.

About the goop...well it isn't "ideal" but if your not gonna overclock I wouldn't be too concerned about it honestly. As long as your system is stable I would just leave it since it works and doesnt' need to be fixed.