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New Rosetta Team Leader Needed

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Apr 24, 2007
Howdy All,
I'm done with Rosetta.
If anyone else would like to take the mantle of "Founder" please let me know and I'll forward it on to you.
For whatever reason, I am no longer able to get work units from Rosetta, and as such there is no longer any reason to run my CPU 24/7. With rising fuel and energy costs, I have to take in to account everything that is consuming extra energy in my home and this is a big one.
Have been a loyal contributor since 2008, but just can't afford it anymore. For those interested, I have not been able to get any WU's as of mid Feb, and I really don't care why, I just cant afford to keep my PC running 100% 24/7 like I used to.
Thanks to all who have contributed, and thank you to all site admins who have helped us with our contests in the past.
From the overclockers.com Stanford Folding @ Home team (32), we wish the best for you and the team. While we are all doing different work for different educational systems, we all have the same goal of bettering mankind.

It is certainly understandable that rising costs hamper the ability to continue to dedicate your system for science but it sounds like you've done plenty and as such, there is no shame. Back in the day for the Folding @ Home groups down under (Australia) thier nation raised electric cost to the point that nearly all users had to give it up. It happens. There is only so much money in our pockets and our lives have to be a priority.

Again, best of wishes to you and the team. We're routing for ya all.
Started getting Rosetta v4.2 work again on my linux hosts a few days ago. My linux hosts did not have enough storage space to run the Rosetta python work, which also required virtual box to be installed.
after reading this post looks like they may not be getting work submitted to them like before. looking at the status they have no jobs to send out, looks like it has been going on a while based on the age of this post.
Don't know what is up with Rosetta, but the "predictor of the day" hasn't been announced since March 2022. Very few WU have been issued since then. It appears the project is effectively dead.

World Community Grid is still operating and giving out WUs for Boinc. They were down for several months as they changed equipment and the sponsor, but they have been working now for a few months. Currently they have projects for Cancer, and COVID.
Hopefully you guys continue to get work and can be productive. If not, may I suggest trying the Folding @ Home for team 32?

Not looking to scalp your members so if you're happy doing work here and they are giving work, then by all means... We both support you and welcome you @ F@H.

Computing status​


Tasks ready to send0
Tasks in progress39
Workunits waiting for validation0
Workunits waiting for assimilation0
Workunits waiting for file deletion0
Tasks waiting for file deletion0
Transitioner backlog (hours)0.00
Rosetta added some work units earlier today.

As of 30 Jun 2023, 15:00:26 UTC [ Scheduler running ]
Total queued jobs: 46,974
In progress: 114,894
Successes last 24h: 12,430

Tasks ready to send 4988
Tasks in progress 124872
Workunits waiting for validation 0
Workunits waiting for assimilation 2
Workunits waiting for file deletion 0
Tasks waiting for file deletion 0
Transitioner backlog (hours) 0.00
pre-ramble - sorry this post has gone through like a million edits, it's a rant on Rosetta@Home, NOT overclockers.com Team, who are awesome.

tl;dr - when you have to bend over backward and dedicate resources explicitly to run a project it's just not fun anymore.

Unfortunately it seems like most of the work units these days are targeted as ... non AMD64? Or at the very least not windows (sorry I don't have any non-windows boxes for perspective). I'm not sure, but they seem to need the BOINC + VirtualBox Install which is an absolute resource destroyer... we're talking something like over 4GB of ram per work unit. What are they targeting? ARM? or it's just they shove an entire x64 linux VM cause it's easier?

Recently (well maybe past few months) there is at least a trickle of WU for non-VirtualBox installs but uuugh. It really feels like the x64 units are second class citizen. Especially as recently most of the native units are RoBetta units - like I guess they sent the beta units out of desperation to the main project after everyone gave up on Robetta 2 years ago?

I realize that the researchers writing or creating WU's for Rosetta it's definitely good they can use whatever environment is most convenient for them to develop in but as someone who originally came from Distributed.Net and the RC4 and RC5 projects a big appeal was you could run these things in your idle time. Specifically you weren't forced to dedicate machines to just and only crunching as the resources demanded were actually "cycles you weren't useing" vs. this current trend where if you try and run these things in the background they're so heavy they make the machine unusable for everyday work. So no running VirtualBox unit on your mom's machine cause it's super noticeable and makes the user experience suck.

When it goes from just machines you'd be using anyway, to where you have to dedicate boxes and make them useless for anything else - and for no gain other than you enjoy(ed) helping a volunteer project. And if maybe a sense of community helped keep you going... which sadly is hard to find or dried up... it forces the question on why you're doing it anymore.

It has to be strange as a researcher to have a computing resource that gets angry if you don't utilize it "correctly?"

Sorry, I guess I'm venting and ranting. I guess I don't really have a point...

I guess to bring it back around to the OP, it's just... yea, it somewhere in there went from fun to another "job" to deal with. It was rough before getting people excited on Rosetta even five years back cause it didn't capture the... mindshare? that Folding@Home somehow managed to get - not judging, SETI had it too back in the day. But ugh in the current day it's... just exponentially worse. Like there really is no allure just for the "little person" anymore. Sorry not trying to be debbie downer.

I probably should have just made a new thread for "rants about why Rosetta or random distributed computing isn't fun anymore" but I'm dead thread king here anyway =/
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Rosetta added bunch of work units earlier today.

Server Status
As of 5 Dec 2023, 0:00:50 UTC [ Scheduler running ]
Total queued jobs: 3,470,826
In progress: 97,709
Successes last 24h: 25,042

Remote daemon status as of 4 Dec 2023, 23:45:05 UTC
Computing status
Tasks ready to send 4981
Tasks in progress 95591
Workunits waiting for validation 1
Workunits waiting for assimilation 3