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New s370 -> Tualatin Adaptor! (at last!)

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Feb 25, 2002
New Zealand
Hey I just saw this at THG... It is a passive adaptor (NOT a powerleap) which allows a tualatin celly to run on any s370 or slot 1 board... Whats the bet it just does the wire trick internally?


Cool huh? No more butchering old BX boards!
What a rip-off for a bulk product (no voltage regulation), 35usd from a firm that didn't pay much any research costs. :eek: And it needs additional slotket for slot-1. Lol. :D
Yep, I would not trust too much in this adaptor, without voltage regulator, it seems as risky as modding yourself a slotket... but in the latter case, you know at least what you are doing!

I picked one up a few weeks ago and am now running a 1.4-S on my BX133 with no problems. Seems like a good product to me.
Here is one similar from Powerleap, it is called the PL-Neo/T and it is priced at $29.95. Unforetunately, it says that the voltage is set at 1.55v. Oh well.

I think I'm going to try the pin hole method on my old Abit BX6 Rev 2 mb and run a Celeron 1.2 on it.
That's why the Upgradeware is a better deal than the Powerleap--1.4-S is running at 1.46v.
it looks like it does just the same that you guys with your bx boards but... this thing works in a via apollo?? how does it do that?

by the way hmsrolst no ofense but... do you work for upgradeware??