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New server maybe

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Nov 15, 2001
Louisville, Ky
Im thinking about hosting counter-strike servers and might buy this setup, but first I need your opinions. The specs are as follows:
EVERCASE 19" Rackmount for Server Model ECR9200B Retail High Density Rack-Mount Server Chassis (2U, 88.6 MM) FOR Rack Environments,
1 Ball Bearing 8CM fans.
Power Supply: 300W
Motherboard: ATX OR Ext ATX M/B up to 12"X13
Dimensions: 18.94"(W) X 24.00"(D) X 3.48 "(H)

Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW+, AMD 760 MPX chipset ATX Server Board

2xAMD Athlon XP 1900+/266 FSB Processor CPU 1900+/ 1.60GHz - Retail

184-Pin, CL=2.5-Registered ECC 2.5V, CT6472Y265

Teac 1.44MB 3.5 Inch Floppy Drive



It totals to $1000 anything wrong or missing?
ill get you started, you will want a better PSU than a 300w, id say at least a 450w branded power supply..

Why did you choose the Gigabyte board? if your after rock solid stability and not overclocking then check out the Tyan MPX boards (since your not going to use the onboard RAID).
Do 2u servers take regular power supplys or do they need a special smaller one? If so does anyone know where to buy a nice one?
Why do you want that case? You cant use the AGP slot and only two PCI slots with it. One of those two you will have to use for a VGA card, since the Gigabyte has no onboard video. The psu might be enough, but it isnt sure. Its a special 2U PSU and is propably very expensive. You will also need a special CPU cooler. The one that comes with the retail cpu is too big so you cant use that one.

I´d say get a 4U case instead, it is more like a rack mounted mid tower and accepts all the standard stuff. If you do that you will also be able to use the 64 bit PCI slots, a great upgrade for later is a 64 bit PCI RAID card - IDE or SCSI.
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I'm with Rollins on the case.... 1U and 2U really don't cut it unless everything you really want is onboard AND you're pressed for space.
I would suggest a few changes:

-Bigger power supply, at least 400-450 watts.

-MSI K7D Master (or Master -L) motherboard

-two XP1600's, unlock 'em and get more speed than you will get out of those XP1900's, thanks to the MSI K7D's great overclocking.

-The IBM 120GXP hard drives are better drives for Servers and they are cheap. If you're willing to spend the dough, get an 80GB WD JB hard drive.

-Make sure you get a case with good airflow. If you don't need rackmount, then go with a Mid-Tower Antec style case with at least two output fans and two intake fans. I've got a dual XP setup in this case and it works great! Only costs $42 for the case. (Don't get your power supply from directron, though, they are terribly expensive. Do a search on pricewatch and get yourself a generic 500-550 watt PSU. You can find them for about $50.)

-RAM? Check out the price of 512 MB sticks of Samsung Registered ECC PC2700 on Pricewatch. For less money than Crucial, you can get PC2700 that will do 150 FSB with ease. I have two of these in my home rig and they rock. Best of all, if you get a dual-channel Hammer system next year, you'll already have good memory for it.
The reason I dont get the msi board is because its to expensive and I wont be overclocking this as its a server and will be sent off for co location.
If you don't want to overclock, how about undervolting?

I am doing this on my file server, here are work. I service about 50 employees off this server, so I want it to be stable. I've got a couple XP1800's running at default speed, but I've lowered the voltage down to 1.5 volts. The system is still rock stable, but it also runs cool as a cucumber. This is a big advantage to the MSI K7D. I have a Tyan board that runs at default speed on a couple XP1600's. They are always 120-130 F! My file server, on the other hand, runs around 100 F all the time.
I still dont think thats enough justification to spend $150-200 more on the MSI board. If it works for you thats great, but from what I hear the tyan boards are rock solid also. I guess Ill find out.
whoa, 150 to 200 more? what, ur getting the gigabyte for 40 or something? the board can be gotten for roughly the same price as the gigabyte. that's the thing. the msi is hands down better, but the msi is also comparable in price, so don't sweat it.

and guys, i think he's trying to make a CHEAP server...it's to be a game server, lol, not a roaring amd machine built to point and laugh at nasa...
If you read the whole post you would see that I am going to get the tyan board. The gigabyte was like 170 refurb and the MSI is like 230.