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New system, no luck...

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New Member
Apr 21, 2001
I've upgraded my system just recently, but have not had any luck getting it running.
These are the new pieces:
MB: IWill KA266-R (Ali Magic chipset)
Processor: 1.3 (modified by http://ocz.safeshopper.com/ for overclocking)
Memory: 2x256 MB DDR2100 DIMMS, from Crucial.

There are not many settings on the MB, of which i've tried all at defaults, and have no luck, nothing happens. The only switches I have connected for testing purposes is the power switch and PC Speaker, so I can atleast hear if something is working. I've tried manually setting the multiplier to 8 (x133) and 10 (x133), no luck. Another setting is the buss speed, I've tried both 100 and 133. The only other setting I can see that has any weight is the memory voltage, of which I've left at the default of 2.5 thoughout my testing.

Oh yes, I have also tried putting in a PCI video card in place of my AGP video card, to make sure it wasn't that. And being I have 2 memory DIMMS, I've tried both solo, to make sure one of them wasn't bad. That leaves the CPU and MB for question, I suppose.

Any ideas? I've been at it for some time now and have had no luck...

Thanks a lot!!
up the mem voltage, make sure those suckers are in there! Try one stick first really pushing it in there, you should hear a loud click, once you get that working, update the bios and go for the other stix install