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New System - No Post

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Mar 23, 2002
Need some advice - This is what is happening when I power up:

CPU cooling fan is running - North bridge fan is running - Cooling fan on video card is running - Green light in corner of motherboard is lit - hd light stays on - no beeps - monitor displays "no video signal". I checked the voltages 5.13 & 12.12.
I changed ram from slot 1 to 4, reseated video card, reset CMOS --- same problem. 1 good thing is that I bought 2 of every thing so I could build 2 systems ----- maybe that was a good idea, but then again maybe not. I'm not sure weather to put the 2nd system together or swap hardware Also the bags the mb's came in was open and resealed with a "UPDATE BIOS BY SHUTTLE" sticker resealing the bags???? got every thing from NEWEGG except the HSF.----- Thanks in advance for the help -------

Here's what I have:
mb - AK31
hsf - MILLENIUM Glaciator 1
hd - SEAGATE ST320420A
fd - TEAC 3.5
Have you checked to see wether the CPU is OK (didn't mention checking it in above post)? You say everything comes on but no beeps, video and the HDD light stays on. This happened to me last week and I had to go out and buy the new CPU you see in my sig because the 1.4 in had got toasted. If you have 2 of everything, try switching some parts out to see what works and what doesn't. Also, when testing this by switching them around, only put in the things that you need for it to boot and to display on your monitor which cuts down on the number of things that might be affecting you. Hope this helps. :)
When I power up nothing happens the only things that appear to be working are the fans ---- it doesn't pass the POST test! I'm gonna see if I can get the other one together and running, and go from there.Thanks for the reply!!!
Check your CPU. When mine didn't post it was because of the CPU. Usually the CPU makes no beeps or anything.. Since you bought two of everything it should be easy.
Yodums, I hate you!;) You always get the cool looking STARS! RS, listen to him! He is great when it comes to most problems AND is usually right! :D
I'm new at this - gotta listen to everybody, I removed the hsf --- when I lift the unlocking lever to remove the cpu it will only move to about 45 degrees, I don't want to break the socket ---anybody ever had this problem????

I swapped out cpu and mb -- got it to boot. for some reason it don't like my 20 gig seagate, it hangs up, last message on the screen is VERIFING DMI POOL --- if I unplug the hd it will try to boot from the floppy but it keeps asking me for a system disk -- with a boot disk in the fd. looks like this is gonna take a while to get em running!!!!!
Which OS are you using? Do you have a friend that has the same OS? DO you have another system you can make a boot disk from? Some times, a floppy will just "go bad" for some unknown reason and leave you SOL. I've had this problem once and now have like 5 Win98se floppies for all of the comps in the house. The HDD issue could be caused by the BIOS not liking it (I'm not an expert on HDD's or anything). You might check to see if the most recent BIOS update is indeed on your system. Have you cleared the CMOS yet? Some times all the system needs is a good boot to the head through the CMOS. The socket issue shouldn't be anything big. Either something is in the way so it can't go any further, it is new and a little "sticky" or a cable or fan wire might be restraning it. Hope this helps. :)
It is possible to reverse the cable on the floppy drive resulting in no boot from the floppy. The symptom would be that the floppy light would be on continuous.

Also, I would suggest removing all cards except the video. Make sure video card is in slot 1 if it is a PCI video card. If it is an AGP it will only fit in AGP slot. Try to boot. If you can boot, then try other hardware one at a time to find the culprit.

Double check the orientation of your cables. Make sure that floppy and ide cables are plugged in with the red stripe next to pin one on connectors on both ends.
Thanks JimmyG for the suggestions --- I think the floppy drive is bad...... swapped it out and it was ok, after that the hard drive was ok too :) Got 1 up and running 1 to go!!!! I got the cpu out of the other board.... the socket was kinda tight. Gonna check that chip in the 1 that is running and see if it is ok. It look like it's the cpu or mb that was causing my earlier problems.


Thanks for your help...... you were great!!!!!
I took the cpu from the one that wouldn't boot and put it in the computer that is running and it booted......sent mb back waiting for a new one!!!!! ran PRIME 95 for 4 hours on the one thats running no problems !!!!!!
I had a similar problem and figured my bios got toasted. I eventually figured out that my new case came with the switch on the PSU in the 230v position. This caused all the fans to run but nothing else.
I thought about that too, mine was in the 115 position..... I still think the mb was the problem, i'll find out for sure when the new one get here.