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new system. please help. thanks!

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May 15, 2001
specs first-
-tbird 1.33 w/266 fsb AYHJA stepping
-swiftech MC370
-Iwill KA266
-crucial 256mb pc2100
-GF2 pro 64mb ddr
-antec SX840 case
-other stuff (HD, NID.. etc..)

ok. i got it setup to post the correct stuff with default jumpers settings. (havent OC yet). ive got MBM5 installed.. i dont know which is the sensor to cpu or motherboard. one sensor post 43 C normal, 45 C with seti running.. i guess that would be the cpu? its ALi 5879-1. and sensor 2 is posting 30 C.. would that be the mobo? its ALi 5879-2. are these temps high? i need to take my room's temp.. . . thanks for the response.
should i be concerned about the temp? is it pretty high? more specs... i have 2 sunon 42 cfm fans in the front. 2 default fans in the back. stock fan with the swiftech..
That's not bad at all. Try running it with the case cover off. it you get lower temps, you need to work on the case circulation a little more. A lot of people never even try reversing the airflow direction on the case. IE, cool air in the rear, near the Swiftech and exhaust air out the front. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

thanks for the advise.. i'm just unsatisfy with the results i'm getting now... this temp shouldnt pose any problems? so how high can i go up to until i would really kill the bird?
nope those temps sounds good. The only problem I saw was you were running Seti and not Folding@Home ;D
keep bumping it up until you get to 50 dont go over 50.