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New Thermoengine?

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New Member
Mar 24, 2001
I just got my Thermoengine and when I took off the fan to
check out the infamous cap, lo and behold it was not there.
Both ends are machined, so theres no way this thing could have a hollow center. Hopefully this will not have a negative
effect on perf. I'll test it when I can put something together.
I read in a couple reveiws that the cap was "hidden" from view. In fact when it first hit, some reviewers didn't even know it was hollow.
Does it feel hollow?
It feels light, but not really enough to be hollow. I don't think the cap is hidden though. This is really machined on both ends, they would be going to far too much trouble to have hidden it. I'll post pics if I can scrounge up a digital camera.
I got mine at www.azzo.com My temps are now around 36-38 C full load. Before with the Coolermaster they were around 45-48 C. The HS has 2 caps on the bottom. I saw a site besides HardOCP that chopped it open. They showed it was hollow. I am using the TIM with it, one of there days I will lap it. HardOCP said they lapped it and saw a 1 C drop in temps. I dunno if I want to spend a few hours lapping for that small of a difference... Maybe when I push harder and need the cooling more.
Without cutting it open or X-raying it, I can't tell for sure if its hollow or not. What I do know is that mine and about 4-5 others have gotten Thermoengines from Azzo recently that are missing the caps on either side. One guy posted his temps and they were comparable. If the performance is the same, then I really don't care either way, but its definetly a change from the unit that has been reviewed.