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New to cooling, etc!

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Mar 4, 2002
Cincinnati, OH
Hey everyone...I'm pretty new to Overclocking/cooling, etc. I've got a P4 1.8A and am wanting to get up to at least 2.4. Looking for reco's on HSF units.

I've found a couple that have caught my attention:

ThermalTake Dragon Orb
Vantec GSN-7025

Any thoughts about either of these two? Specifically regarding noise level and performance?

Thanks everyone!
Remember these are only MY opinions. I haven't used a Thermaltake cooler since one of their orbs crushed my Duron core. I always thought they were acceptable, but not outstanding.

I have an earlier model Vantec P4 cooler, the 7015, and it was again an acceptable cooler, just a tad better than the retail cooler, but the base was terrible. It was "wavy" and it had to be lapped quite a lot to get it flat. The 7025 should be better as far as performance than the Intel retail.

Here are some alternate choices. The AVC Sunflower is an outstanding cooler, a little "whiny" noisewise as far as I'm concerned, but great performance. Also, check out the Alpha 8942, a huge mass of gloriously forged aluminum and copper. The noise level of the Alpha depends on what 80mm fan you choose to go with it, from Adda quiet to Delta screamer. The Sunflower is easier to install, the Alpha will probably perform better, I'll know when my Alpha arrives.

Any other recommendations?

Also check out the Thermaltake Volcano 7+ (note the plus)