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New to custom loop and would like a look over at my parts before I buy them

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Nov 9, 2016
I'm building my first custom loop. I've been researching the topic a lot over the past 6 months. I've "built" theoretical part lists to see what I would need and am now at the point where I'm pretty confident with the parts I've picked. I just want to know if the parts I have chosen are any good.
I am aware that a lot of people are going to criticize my pump selection, but please give me some other reason to choose another one other then "you have to chose a d5 or ddc pump because that's what everyone else chooses". I understand that they are well known for being reliable, but this barrow one is made by the same people who make Bitspower pieces so I am fairly confident that it will be a good pump.

CPU Waterblock: (Barrow X99 transparent acrylic CPU waterblock)


Pump and Reservoir:


Tubing: (Mayhems 3/8"-5/8" (10/16mm) Ultra Clear Tubing)

Coolent: (Mayhems Pastel Extreme White 100ml)

I was looking at the Thermaltake Pacific kits but don't like the fact that they come with a aluminium radiator and that there are bad reviews on there reservoirs cracking.

Also thought about adding a cylindrical reservoir to a Swifttech H220 X2 Prestige, but don't like the fact that the pump is built into the radiator. Also I have a In Win 303 case so the mounting options for the radiator/pump/reservoir combo aren't very good.

Any help/comments would be appreciated, but please explain your reasoning/statement.
Thank you.
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Use PrimoChill LRT tubing. Get it in white and do not use dye.

I would use at least a 240 rad. If you are just going to use a 120, I would get an AIO and call it a day.

I cannot speak to the Barrow stuff as I know nothing about it's quality.
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Use PrimoChill LRT tubing. Get it in white and do not use dye.

I would use at least a 240 rad. If you are just going to use a 120, I would get an AIO and call it a day.

I cannot speak to the Barrow stuff as I know nothing about it's quality.

Even though its thick? I'll have 2 SP120's in a push pull config.
I'll be cooling a i7-4770k

So you don't recommend the pastel?
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I would. Can you get by with the 120? Sure. If you are going to push the chip you will want more cooling though.
You will also be able to run slower speeds on the fan so it will be quieter.

That water block states that it is for X99 platform. You have an 1150 Mobo for that 4770K. I saw nothing about it being compatible with an 1150 system.

COuld you list your full system specs and case please. Also, what is your reason for water cooling? Overclock? Looks? It really helps to see where you are coming from.
Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't even notice.

16gb hyperX ram
z97s msi mobo
In Win 303
Gtx MSI 1060 3GT
3x AF120
3x Bitfenix 120mm white
2x SP120
DeepCool Captain 120

Its a bit of both, looks and performance. I'd say more for looks then anything if I'm being completely honest. I don't plan on doing any crazy overclocking.

Also, do you not recommend white pastel without any dye?
Why don't you recommend the Mayems tubing?

I updated the CPU Waterblock link
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Dye is made with particulants. Pastel is still bits of the same. Incredibly fine powdered bits. This stuff in time will collect somewhere like fine sand. Usually in tiny spots in blocks and radiators.

Why use any tubing besides the one many use here? It's up to you of course.

Colored tubing and if you must some LEDs on the res.

Honestly, you look a the PC 2% of the time, rest is at the monitor. It gets old in time.....
I believe barrow is a knock off of bitspower and from that chinese website is known to sell lots of knocked off products. Either go full custom with reputed companies or make your life easier and just stick with a 120.2 AIO cooler.

You should know after 6 months of research, the consequences of colored fluid. It will stain your gear. You're just better off going with colored tubing from PrimoChill Advanced LRT or go as planned. Up to you.
Fair enough.

But i think that's what I'm unclear about. How can white stain the system?
it is dye plain and simple

You can get kits that give you a custom feel and still give you the security that everything you need is included and compatible.

Did a build for a guy in February with one of these kits and was very impressed with it

Here is the kit I used, they offer a slim and a higher level kits as well

Well it still is particulates in suspension. It can still clog. It won't 'stain' per say like 'blue, but it still will be hard to clean after you realize ... oops. The 'white dye' will still be in the rad, blocks, pumps and hard to get rid of. Mainly the rad.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the amazing rigs some build. Please ask them how long they keep it running till they get an infusion of new parts and cash from thier sponsors to make the next uber wonderful rig. They don't plan on a 6 moth to a year drain. Because they don't want to use their PC's. They play with parts. If that's your goal, then sure, dyes and anything besides clean clear water is going to be fun.

I want to use my PC and keep it cool. More of an industrialist, not an artist.

What are you?
Every one here has spoken the truth about dyes/colored fluids and cheap chinese knock-off parts. If you're going water, do it right the first time with quality name brand parts. You want color, go with colored tubing. Some LED's and you got bling factor. Distilled water and a biocide and your system will be good for a least a year before a complete maintenance job ( tearing down, flushing out, refill).