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New to OC can you guys help

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bob sinister

New Member
Feb 8, 2001
Ok now im a newbie and i know i will probally get laughed at for asking this but here goes..ok i bought a gateway( yeah i plan on building my next one) amd athlon750 and at first it was ok now it seems slow after playing around on my friends t-bird 900 so i was looking into overclocking and ive been reading various pages etc.. and i think being money restricted right now OC is the next step.. so heres my prob.. i have a Jabil(kadoka)?? mobo with the athlon 750 i was wondering if this is overclockable at all..?? i dont want anything superfast(well i do but dont plan on adding lots extra fans and heatsinks) maybe just to 850-900..?

heres the specs on the mobo

Three memory slots, each supporting a maximum of 256-megabyte (MB) synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM)
Five PCI slots supporting 3.3-volt (V) to 5-V PCI bus interface
512-kilobyte (KB) L2 cache
200-megahertz (MHz) front side bus
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) support (Power Management support)
Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) 1x- or 2x-compatible slot
Clock speed of 100 MHz
Slot A processor socket
Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) universal slot
AMD-751 Irongate North bridge
AMD-756 Viper South bridge
ATXJ18 FLASH/PWD jumper settings
DIMM Configuration Floppy Drive Connection
IDE Connections I/O Ports
Power Connection Slot A processor socket

thats what i got off the gateway homepage

thanks for the help sorry such a long post
I don' know if u can change the multiplier on that board, but u SHOULD be able to increase the FSB, that would give u some extra MHz....
I don't know your board, but on most new boards u can change the FSB, but I'm not sure. Try someting like, 7,5 x 107= 802,5MHz or 7,5 x 109= 817MHz
Look in your motherboard manual, if u don't know how to change the FSB.

Good luck!