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New to OC........Just a few questions....

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New Member
Mar 24, 2002
Hi everyone.....
Real quick, sys. spec.

Asus P4B w/1.5 Gig PC 133 (3-512mb-crucial)
2-WD 120-Gig HDD's
SB Audigy
Yamaha 24x10x40 Burner
Acer 16xDVD/48x-CD-ROM
PNY Gforce4 Ti4600
Windows XP-Home Ed.
Plus more stuff.......................

My new northy 2.2a just arrived in the mail and I was wondering how difficult it would be to push to 2.4-2.5Ghz.......
With the clock locked, I know the FSB is all I have to work with....
The bios is updated and the proper cooling has been done....Good sink, with plenty of fans, etc.........
Would like to stay in the general area of 1.5 and ^ (core/v.)
Thanks.....sorry such a long post!
Back again.......
No rude comments on my choice of memory (PC 133).....Had it laying around and it was FREE.....
I know DDR is better, but is was hard to pass on a savings of several hundred $$$$$$
Especially with all that I've spent so far....... any more and the wife would have me living in the car!

well....no offence, but because of your pc133, you aren't going to get much of a performance boost from overclocking except in the most extremely cpu bound applications.....but if you want to go at it just for the heck of it, just start inching up the fsb until you start getting instability. At that point, you'll either have to raise the cpu voltage, or if your memory is giving out, slow down the memory timings (which will give another performance hit) so you can raise the fsb some more......
Yea using Pc-133 pretty much makes the P4 useless. Your're better off getting a new celeron or a PIII.

The extra money(which isn't much at all) is definatly worth it when your going the P4 route.