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new to ocing 2200+

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Dec 29, 2003
cleveland ohio
i just recently got into overclockin i have an amd xp 2200 + family 6 ext family 7 model 8 ext model 8 stepping 1 revision BO . is this a thoroughbred a or b axda 2200duv3c . i currently am set at 150 fsb at 13.5 multi=2029 mhz. how much more can i expect out of this processor? my multi is locked on the cpu is there a good sight for a pin mod to open lower multipliers? yhanks for any and all help


c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
Looks like a 2003 week 43 DUV3C Thoughbred B.
(If the second letter of the code were Q -- then it would be a Thorton... and if it were a DKV3C, it would have been a T-Bred A.)

You probably have a KIXIB, not KIXI since
T-Bred A's have a stepping code which ends in "A": xxxA are T-Bred A's

T-Bred B's have a stepping code which ends in "B": xxxB are T-Bred B's.

This CPU is probably multiplier locked at 13.5. That means MHz speed=FSB x multiplier.

You may only be able to do an FSB overclock with it. This would depend on your mobo, RAM, brand of power supply and of course cooling. Need to list your system specs as chips by themselves can only be overclocked above average with choice other components.