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New to SETI. looking for some tips.

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Dec 13, 2013
Great White North, MN
I joined SETI on the 12th of this month. Currently my RAC is at 9232 and my total is at 130,189. I am looking to get some more out of my system. I have a few computers connected right now, but the rig in my signature is doing the brunt of the work and the one I want to improve. I have the CPU OC's to 4.6ghz. The GPU is OC'd to 1100 and the GPU memory is at 1500. This is from a stock 900 GPU and 1400 memory. I just installed lunatics tonight. It currently only runs one GPU task at a time. I want to up that to 2 but am not 100% sure how to do it. I know where to go and change it, but not sure if I change the Astropulse lines count from 1 to .5 as well as the Open CL lines or what. Any help would be appreciated.