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New to the voodoo scene and want to overclock!

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Feb 1, 2001
I just got a voodoo 5 5500 and I want to overclock it but I am not sure how. I always come here first for answers to tech questions.
I hate to burst your bubble but your on your won. No one is residing with 3dfx and their products. The way most people see it is that 3dfx sold out. I'm a user of 3dfx (Voodoo 3500TV AGP). No one wants to waste their time with 3dfx because nothing neww will be happening with it, no new drivers or updates it will be very obselete very soon.....what should we do?
http://www.tweakfiles.com/video/voodoo5overclocker.html go here and download this it will add the option to overclock your voodoo 5. as for drivers i think the one that comes with your card is 1.0.4 and now you can find drivers that go up to 1.0.9 i beleive. ill post them here.but remember when pushing the voodoo 5 take it easy cause it wont go that far probably wont go more than 10% mine didnt.i think i topped out at 185 mghz.
thanks for the link! don't forget if you are running win2k that the overclocker tab will be in the display/advanced section of your display properties.

could you link the newest drivers? 1.09??
first thing you should do is replace the heatsinks on your card. get 2 blorbs or something and put them on the cip. also, put 2 heatsinks(dont have to have fans) on the back of the card where the chips are on the adjacent side. if u want u can put it on the ram too, but they dont get too hot. after u have that utility in 3dfx tools, over lcock it by small intervals. start with 175 and go up by 2s from there. if it doesnt boot up at one of them, or is unstable, go back down. to test it, get 3dmark or quake and loop the tests or demos. make it run for like an hour, and if that works, u should be fine.

overclocking the v5 doesnt really help that much, but it doesn increase fillrate. if u get up to 183 then the fillrate is 733 as oppose to the 667 which is default. that was the setting they originally had for the v5 but they had to push it back cause they wwanted to get the card on the market as soon as possible.
I know there won't be any more driveer updates, but like el I got mine from excess-solutions for 50 bucks. I couldn't pass it up now I still want more bang for the buck. Thanks for the info guys.