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New to the world of o/c have some general questions about Bios settings.

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New Member
Feb 13, 2016
Okay here is what I am working with

Corsair 750w PS
AMD A8-7600
MSI 650 Ti boost
2x8gb Corsair 2400mhz DDR3
Mother Board: HP 2B17
Bios: AMI v80.11

I know the board sucks all. And my graphics card could probably be updated. But my question is, can my motherboard support my ram running above the stock 1333mhz? Have tried to get into the Bios but nothing comes of it b/c the avanced settings are very limited. So, can i put a custom Bios onto my machine? I have seen videos of these guys with very nice Bios settings menus. J/w if i can do that. Also, I am currently o/c CPU at 3.8Ghz stable at 1.315v. I don't game to much but I want a good experience when I do. Any help on this topic is greatly appreciated.


Maybe Something Cool?
Sep 27, 2009
MS Gulf Coast
This to me sounds like of whether or not your memory can support overclocking than your board, but it's actually a little bit of both. Some components from certain manufacturers overclock better than others and in the world of modding not all hardware is created equal.

Whether or not you get feedback on your specific components depends upon whether people have tried pushing similar hardware - i.e. as in how many people have your board/ram combo. If you do plan on overclocking then I would recommended spending a little bit more money to get hardware the community uses and likes that way you will have a big support network behind you as well as a lot more referential material on the net for a more purpose oriented self guided overclocking experience.

Here's how you find out -
[1] Go to http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html then download and install the latest version of CPU-Z. It's a nifty little program much loved by the community which gives you a ton of info as well as answer a lot of questions. The information it reports will also let you know when something isn't running right - a quad core only running two threads.

[2] After installed run cpu-z and it will detect your hardware then report back to you just about everything you want to know. Look at the tabs up top of the program, right next to memory you will see and click on the SPD tab.

[3] On the SPD page look down to the Timings Table. Here you will see different numbered JEDEC and XMP columns - if your memory can support overclocking and has been used in proven stable overclocks then you will find out everything you want to know in this table. What you want are the XMP profile columns, there are the overclocking profiles your memory can support proven to have worked by other users.

[4] The timings table will tell you everything from CAS# cycles to tRAS, tRC and what voltages to use for each profile. When someone is successful with certain settings they will validate the settings they used in CPU-Z then submit them so when you run the program it collects this live information over the internet and shares it with you.

[5] If you plan on moving forward with overclocking your ram then you will want to mirror the information in one of the XMP profiles, being a beginner do not deviate from the profiles' settings. The more XMP profiles you have - if any - the more overclocks which have been done with your hardware. I would start with the lowest XMP and these are the settings that you will want to use in your BIOS' dram timings settings.

If you get to the timings table and you see the exact same speed - i.e. 800MHz - listed in the frequency column for all of the profiles then either your memory doesn't support overlocking or no one has tried to overclock that board/memory combo yet. The same is also true if you don't even have any XMP profiles.

However, you previously mentioned that your board has limited advanced settings so I would say, no, it doesn't support overclocking your memory. If you can't duplicate all of the settings of a XMP profile from cpu-z in your bios then don't try it.


Benching Team Leader Super Moderator
Dec 19, 2012
Looks to me like this is the actual board for that PC http://www.pc-specs.com/mobo/MSI/MSI_MS-7906_(Orchid-S)/3379
Says it will support 1600 ram but will likely have to have an XMP for 1600. The board is very limited which all OEMs are. Also says it's a mATX so a micro board. Quick look didn't turn up any BIOS for the board aside from HP and I wouldn't recommend trying to flash a modded BIOS unless you know what you are doing.
I would suggest you just get a better board. Even something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813132134 which is a lower end board will be much better than the one you have if you want a bit more performance out of it. I would also suggest a better CPU cooler.