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New to this Forum. Hi all.

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Feb 5, 2001
Calgary, Alberta, CanaDuh
Hello to eveyone out there in the cyberworld. I'm new to this forum, but I do have a serious question here.

I'm a little above average when it comes to the understanding of how a computer works, yada yada, anyway, right now, my computer sucks. It's a p2 350, 128 ram, 90gig hd, geeforce 2 mx, rage pro agp 2x, etc. Currently this computer has an intel RL440BX mobo (It's an oem only piece of Sh**t), and a locked cpu. I removed the "Intel Heat Magnet", aka the heatsink, and replaced it with a HSF of some strange, overpriced brand, I"m going to buy a new MOBO, CPU, and Case later this month.

Now, on to the real question, I've been testing my overclocking techniques out on an old 166. It's an easy system to learn on. I added a new fan to the front, O/C'd it to 200mhz stable, etc. I tried to find some thermal paste to put on the existing HSF, but I can't find it, nobody sells it. Not enough of a demand I've been told. (I live in Toronto Canada, btw) I decided to use Dielectric Grease instead. It's mainly used in automotive applications, very thick, and gooey. I want to know if this was a good substitute (If so, I will continue to use it), or was it the worst decision of my life, and should be punished.

Just to tell you, the system is still running stable with WinCrap98. It's been about 6 months now.
Dielectric grease probably serves the purpose- filling the microscopic imperfections to aid thermal conduction, provided the layer is adequately thin. It probably doesn't have the best thermal coefficient though, so changing to a compound developed for the purpose would probably work a little better.
one of the tech`s over to aos told me that zinc oxide thermal grease is the same thing that you would use to cover your nose for sun burn ...... i wonder if it would be a good substitute for thermal grease ??
Hi rob, I can't call you annoying yet, because I don't know you. I'm from Toronto, been living in Oshawa for 10 yrs now -Go Leafs-. Listen rob if you pick up the Computer Paper or TorontoComputes you will find a ton of ads for all sorts of o/c goodies. www.canadacomputers.com could help. There is a section of College street downtown where there is easily 20 computer stores that sell hs/f's and the like. Tomken Technologies at Tomken Rd. and Matheson Blvd E is good as well.

Please don't use too much of that axel grease, go to any electronic component shop that sells resistors, caps and stuff and ask for some proper compound. Thanks in advance.