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New UT2003 into logo (NO MORE NVIDIA!)

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How about someone with some creative talents make one of these, using the O/C logo in the center....;) :D

Now, that would be sweet....:clap:
well here is one for oc.com :)

NVidia rules! Even though I've ordered a Radeon 9700 PRO card, but I love NVidia. I'm just buying the best card available at this moment.. thats all!
My favorite is still the BitBoys one.

The way we're meant to bullsh**

too funny
well err i actually made the graphic i have no idea how to insert it into Ut2003 *blush* if someone can be kind enough to tell me than i would love to do it :)

Someone out there hook us up!! That's too awesome a job not to convert over for use!!

BRAVO on the graphic. :beer:

I'm hoping someone can make this happen. :)

i just tryed to do it. its beyond me. i can take the nivida logo out or i can apply textue to it but i cant replace it. we need some texture editors. maybe just make th nvida logo black and we can apply the oc logo overtop of the surface?
Well...don't look at me. I can't even figure out how to make the "red eye" feature of the camera software work... :p

Yeah...it looked like a good av. I set it up as wallpaper too... :D

(actually, I think it'd look awesome on a black t-shirt)