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New video card. . .suggestions?

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New Member
Jul 17, 2001
HI all,

Thinking of picking up an Athlon 1.4G CPU and new Mobo. . .was just wondering, should I just jump on in and nab a GeForce3? Or some other card that will utilize the 4X AGP slot?

I realize the GeForce3 is kinda new. . .thoughts?

I really suggest the Geforce3 (if you have the cash), every single person that I know that has a Geforce3 has had virtually NO complaints. There really is nothing more I can tell you, except to really get the Geforce3 definately.
I agree, wait for the new Radeon to come out in a month or so. Then check the reviews and get a Radeon II or Geforce 3 depending on which is better.
I think the important question here is one of finances...

If you're willing to invest some dough to play with the latest and greatest like me, buy the Geforce 3.

Otherwise, the Geforce 2 Ultra will give you the same performance in most of the current games and has gone way down in prices of late.