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New Water Rig

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Mar 11, 2002
This isn’t my very first, but it is the first that actually works. I had tried some home made jobs, but I just don’t have the materials and equipment required.

Anyway, This is the Z4 kit from overclockershideout.com. I am not entirely happy with it. I have good idol temps with it (29-30 C), but want to do better before I overclock and put a load on it. Its an AMD 1800+ and a Soyo Dragon+ MB.

The Rad has to go. I was going to swap it out with one I ordered out of a auto parts catalog, but a friend is using it. I will try to find the catalog and order another. I also want to find some T fittings so I can split the water from the CPU and GPU. The kit didn’t come with any : (

Also, as you can see, I am having a problem bleeding air out of the water. I have been running this for a week now and still can’t get it all out. The reservoir/pump combo doesn’t seem to do the job well either.
Nice setup!!! You should try putting another fan on your rad. One push and one pull, you got room for another fan. If you want to have lower water temp, you should run that pump inline. That way it wouldn't add heat to the water. One thing that concern me with your setup is the location of your res. Are you sure that is not going to leak? If it leaks it might fry everything since water might run down on everything. Here is a link if you are looking for a heater core:


Download the thing that said heater.
Actually, I believe I am going to rip the whole thing out and use it on my Duron 800. I think I can fit this in a Mid-Tower if I try hard enough.

Yeh, I think I will add a second fan depending on what Rad I get. I am glad I used hot-glue because it holds well, but can be easily removed.

I pretty much posted this so folks can see the Z4 kit and know what they are getting. IMO its not a good deal.
i believe kits are good for beginners. but i also believe that you wont get the full potential of watercooling from a kit. i started off by buying a cheapo kit from BeCooling. it started me off pretty well. Kits give experience to those unexperienced. You'll never get killer temps from a kit, but they get the job done with everything needed included (usually). No contest though, i love me my home grown kits with heatercores and such.
True, I haven’t seen many kits that look that great. They may have a good water block and pump, but lack a good rad. The exception would be the kits from Danger Den. I checked them out after I bought the Z4 and they seem to have a nice setup.

I may not go with a complete kit, but I will be buying pre-made parts. I just don’t have the time, materials, skills or tools to make my own water blocks. Maybe someday, but no time soon.