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New Watercooling build, trying hard tubing and need some clarification

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New Member
Oct 27, 2016
Hey guys,

So I'm looking at new build here and being my second water cooling rig I want to do something a little different.
I will be using Phanteks Enthoo Primo as my case http://www.phanteks.com/enthoo-primo.html, I'm going with a white case, black components and blue watercooling color theme.
I'm also looking at using hard tubing this time round as i like the clean look.

So after doing my initial research I just need some clarifications on a few things. The first step is figuring out tube size and which brand of fittings I want. From looking at the stock of online retailers it looks like my options are 12mm od or 16mm od. I'm leaning towards 12mm as the fittings are cheaper and from what i've read flow rates are the same. Are the only disadvantages to this being the tube could kink easier?

As for fittings I'm leaning towards bitspower unless someone strongly recommends another brand. I do have one question though. http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2...igid_Tube_-_Black_Sparkle_BP-BSEML.html#blank is this just a straight fitting for the tube? because it says adapter in the description and I obviously dont want to buy the wrong fittings.

Finally the last piece of the puzzle is coolant. I've used straight distilled water for the last 4-5 years with no issues, but this time I want to go with a clear tube with blue coolant. Nano fluids seem to be getting popular, has anyone had any issues with the fluids staining or clogging up?

I think this will turn out to be a cool looking setup. I will be going with a new top mounted quad radiator with white fans in push configuration, and possibly a dual on the bottom so I can have really low temps with little noise.

Any tips you guys have for hard tubing or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I probably wont be building this until early December but I can post some pics if you guys are curious about how it turned out.


Dec 21, 2009
As far as kinking, typically tubing is given a value for its minimum bend radius, which is usually based upon its diameter, something like 2*D. So, you'd be able to make tighter bends with smaller tubing. As long as you plan ahead, and stick to those figures, you shouldn't kink anything.

If it were me, based on what I've read, I would stick to something like a 1.5*D bend radius to avoid kinking.

I really like bitspower stuff. Used it in all my watercooling rigs.