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New Watercooling Rig- Need Advice Please

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New Member
Mar 9, 2010
Hey guys,

I have built many systems in the past but I am now putting together a new rig in which I will be overclocking and water cooling; two things which I have never done before. I already bought the all components for my rig except for the water cooling components. I have been trying to decide for a while in how I want to do this but I am not sure in how to go about it. I was going to run 2 separate loops with different colors, having 2 separate bay reservoirs (I thought it would have a good look in the front of the case with 2x XSPC Single 5.25in Bay Reservoir (Aluminum Black Front). Then I read reviews about the coolants and dyes and how they breakdown and clog the system. I now want to go with just distilled water with some of that silver coil kill.
I also was wondering if I really need 2 loops to cool my i7-930 over clocked CPU and 2x PowerColor LCS Radeon HD5870 over clocked. I will list my PC components I already have and then I will list what water cooling components I was thinking of getting. Any advice would be appreciated on whether I would be better with 1 loop or 2 and any other good ideas.

My System:

Thermaltake Armor Plus Full tower
ASUS P6X58D Premium
12GB CORSAIR DOMINATOR (6 x 2GB) DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel -Model TR3X6G1600C8D
ENERMAX REVOLUTION85+ 1050W ATX12V V -SLI Ready CrossFire Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply
AeroCool Touch 2000 Fan Cpntroller
The rest are SSD, HDD, Sound card, Optical drives and typical parts

Watercooling Parts I was thinking of getting:

2x Swiftech MCP655 12 VDC Pump
2x Bitspower D5/MCP655 Pump Replacement Top Version 2
Swiftech APOGEE-XT Extreme Performance CPU Waterblock
Swiftech MCR320-QP Quiet Power radiator
Swiftech MCR220-QP Liquid Cooler Radiator
2x XSPC Single 5.25in Bay Reservoir Aluminum Black
1 Swiftech MCB-120 "Radbox"

I am not sure of the tubing. I was going to go ½ ID and 5/8 or ¾ OD. I need something sturdy so it won’t collapse from the pump intake. If I could use 1 loop for that over clocked CPU and 2 over clocked 5870GPU”S then will one of those pumps do? And then I could get the dual bay reservoir and maybe the Tygon silver tubing. If I need 2 loops then I will maybe use 2 colored tubings with UV LEDS in the case.
As far as the Rads: I removed the two extra HDD racks at the bottom and putting a 220 there. The 320 I will hook to the back of the case unless any other good ideas (I will be using all the 5.25 bays).
I was thinking of going with compression fittings also. Any ideas would be greatful.


Sep 15, 2007
Small town Emlenton, PA
Have you read the sticky yet for DT temps above? That will answer your question if you need two loops. I will say if one loop you'll need two radiators.

Please figure that out first, look at your heatload and how much rad you need.

There is another sticky about flow rates too.

You know much about dissimilar metals corrision? I see you want an Aluminum res.............


New Member
Mar 9, 2010
I am familiar with mixing Alum and copper and the corrosion that it causes. That Res is all heavy acrylic. The only thing aluminum is the faceplates it comes with and they stick on. I'm going all copper with distilled water and silver kill coil. I will however look at the stickies you mentioned to me and I appreciate your response. Thank You. As far as heat load, this is a new build not built yet and I can't OC or run it until I have the watercooling in place, due to the fact my 2 5870's come out of box needing water hookup. I also am new to OC'ing so I guess I'm better off going a bit overkill then not enough. I was also thinking as you if going with 1 loop then I would stick with the 220 and 320 rads; if doing that than could go with 2 mcp355 pumps, but I may just go with the 2 MCP655 pumps incase I want to add a Physx card. I wonder if the silver Tygon tubing will have any affect with the Blue UV LEDS I place in the case?