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New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC

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Aug 14, 2014
"At a Build conference event on Monday, Microsoft revealed a new AI-powered feature called "Recall" for Copilot+ PCs that will allow Windows 11 users to search and retrieve their past activities on their PC. To make it work, Recall records everything users do on their PC, including activities in apps, communications in live meetings, and websites visited for research. Despite encryption and local storage, the new feature raises privacy concerns for certain Windows users. "Recall uses Copilot+ PC advanced processing capabilities to take images of your active screen every few seconds," Microsoft says on its website. "The snapshots are encrypted and saved on your PC’s hard drive. You can use Recall to locate the content you have viewed on your PC using search or on a timeline bar that allows you to scroll through your snapshots.""

It's suppose to be done all local, although there's always a risk of leakage. New AMD and Intel CPUs wont be far behind with NPUs so we'll all have to deal with it sooner or later.

Side note: can it run outside of a NPU too? There's a lot of talk about the AI performance of these new Snapdragons. On looking it up, my 3 year old laptop with nvidia GPU has about 10x the AI performance of these new ones. My power efficiency will be a LOT worse, but if you want to get it done, it'll do it! So I wonder if Windows has to have the device present as NPU or not. Maybe future dGPU drivers could also present them as a virtual NPU device.
:rofl: Months away from release and already hacked :rofl:

00:00 - Intro
01:05 - What Is CoPilot Recall?
03:02 - No Trust in Microsoft
05:20 - Nothing is Encrypted
12:45 - Total Recall
16:50 - This is all Nonsense
20:45 - Linux Gives You Choice

lol... disable.

...I guess we'll see this on desktops with NPUs. Watch out Snapdragon X users!
More than snapdragon users. The 185 in my new laptop has one :(

Edit: actually been thinking about it this afternoon. If they really follow through with it and there's no easy way to disable it, I'll have a good reason to toss Debian on the laptop, see if I could handle it as a daily OS. Have zero reason to have windows on the thing. (After I get the thing working, of course...)
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OMG, M$ listened to the backlash for once, colour me impressed :unsure:

- First, we are updating the set-up experience of Copilot+ PCs to give people a clearer choice to opt-in to saving snapshots using Recall. If you don’t proactively choose to turn it on, it will be off by default.
- Second, Windows Hello enrollment is required to enable Recall. In addition, proof of presence is also required to view your timeline and search in Recall.
- Third, we are adding additional layers of data protection including “just in time” decryption protected by Windows Hello Enhanced Sign-in Security (ESS) so Recall snapshots will only be decrypted and accessible when the user authenticates. In addition, we encrypted the search index database.