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New Xeons

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Mar 22, 2002
Are the new Xeons still locked, so that overclocking isn't an option? Thinking of building a dually and was wondering if that might be the route to go, assuming I could oc them alittle.

Thanks for any info
The xeons are multiplier locked just like every other current Intel chip. That's not the reason you can't overclock them. There aren't any xeon motherboards that will let you change the front side bus so you could overclock like other boards allow you to. I did hear a rumor that one of the Iwill xeon mobo's will let you select either 100 or 133 fsb. Assuming you could find a xeon that would overclock from 100 to 133 you might be able to overclock with that mobo. Current northwood P4's can hit that with good cooling AND extra voltage, but it's doubtful that any xeon mobo (the Iwill included) would allow you to adjust the voltage without some kind of modification or bios hack.