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New XP 1600 I got today, Any Good?

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Sep 28, 2002
Juneau Alaska
yep just got it today, I'll be unlocking it tonight.
give it a go.

I am very excited about this CPU, seeing as how people tend to get so much out of it.

its an...




so is it any good?
people here seem to be experts on the 1600's thats why I ask.
so how do I indentify the chip anyways?

I know agoia means something.

and 0225 means

25th week of 2002, right?

but the rest I have no idea about....
Yep, 25th week of 2002. Agoia is the secons best stepping, and I'm not sure about the week. I'm not sure if it'll be a good OCer though, since it's a 9. I think you'll reach 166FSB for sure, then anything after that I can't say. :)
looks pretty decent. i bet it will do 166mhz but after that all is fair game so to speak...

only one way to find out how tood it is... :)
All processors and pc hardware o/c differently and there's really no way to tell exactly how they will perform.

From past experience, the AGOIA will at least run at 166fsb but like emericana said, the only way to find out is to try it out yourself.

G/L and let us know how you make out w/ your o/c.
I have a xp 1600 agoia as well and it has proven that it can handle 2 ghz +. my board just doesnt want to give me any more voltage that 1.85. I managed to get mine up to 2 ghz with fsb clocking alone, but unlocking the multiplier could probably bring it into a more realistic light. I wanted also to unlock it but im too lazy. that and i do not have water cooling. the db on this site states that this cpu can hit 2.3 ghz. honestly, I would run it at 1.8 and be happy but 2ghz is probably attainable with good cooling.
Angryviking said:
I got the same batch of 1600 as ronin1967. It could do more I'm sure...too lazy to unlock :beer:

Unlocking the cpu doesn't mean you'll be able to get 50-100mhz more on your o/c. Maybe 10-20mhz more if you'r lucky.

Unlocking is primarily done to lower the multi to be able to raise the fsb that in turn increases the bus speeds of the other components (agp/pci devices, RAM), therefore, better overall performance.

I've gotten my XP1600+ to 10.5x187fsb proving that you can get a very good o/c without unlocking the cpu.