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newb question about installation

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IceMan3928 said:
i just got the TC-4 block from D-Tek, my question is what goes where on the installation bolts? looks like ive got a bolt, a plastic washer, a nut, and a brass nut that looks a bit like the end of a thumb screw.
You should have 12 plastic washers, 4 long bolts and 4 nuts (not the thumbscrews!) and 4 thumbscrews. Put a plastic washer on EACH of the long bolts. Stick the long bolts through the back side of the mobo. The head of the bolts should be in back with the long threads of the bolts coming throught the front. Now put 4 plastic washers on the bolts (so they are against the front of the mobo), now use the metal nuts (not the thumbscrews!) and tighten the bolts down. Slide the TC-4 on the bolts, then 4 more nylon washers, then the springs and then the thumb screws.
IceMan3928 said:
thanks Nikhsub, youd think they would put up some directions on their website or something. One more thing, how do i know how much to tighten the screws? (i dont wanna end up crushing the core)
I tighten the thumbscrews pretty tight, I compress the springs all the way, and then some. If you do this, just be careful. The XP CPU's can handle more pressure than the T-Birds due to the natural or plastic substrate of the XP's. The T-Birds are ceramic and pretty brittle.