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newbi question on DC... why do this ? are we sure what happens with our cycles ??

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Dec 28, 2003
newbi question on DC... why do this ? are we sure what happens with our cycles ??


I do not want to generate controversy, but more informed oppinion and clarification.

Do you anybody of you if your cycles are being used to cure cancer or to kill people ( I mean developing weapons ?¿?)... besides a nice picture, does anybody know what is it exchanged by these clients ?

Does anybody know if your cycles will be used to patent a drug, where some few will be rich, and the rest of the developing world will be begging for merci ??

Is there any legal security (kind of GPL copyleft ) that warranty that any out put of your cycles, will be open without restriction for the rest of the human beings ?? or SKG will win more out of our cycles ??

Again, I am not looking for controversy but arguments that convince me that the use of my computer is going to be for fair decent use.....




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Feb 20, 2001
[email protected] is run by a very reputable group at Stanford university. As happens with most research conducted at educational institutions such as this, the research material is peer reviewed, meaning that any results will be shared amongst the scientific community and analysed before any real conclusions are made from the data.


Apr 30, 2003
This program is used by Stanford University and is exteremly encripted and safe.
It is not used for making weapons or killing people because people that make weapons go through a great deal of trouble keeping thier weapon secrets away from the public. This program folds proteins and is decdades (Tens of years) from even discovering the function of some proteins, not to mention what effects them. So science in general is far from using this program in the near future for any kind of use besides where to focus more reseacrh on.

Basically, scientists need help trying to guess what proteins are the ones that cause certain diseases. This program will hopefully help point out a few proteins or genes that cause problems. Then researchers can focus thier studies on those problem proteins. This program will never find the cure but lead to the direction of the source of the problem so that others may find a cure.