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Newbie AMD

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Jan 26, 2001
Penn State University
I am getting ready to make my first venture into the AMD world I was looking for some advice. I have decided I am going to replace my P3 450 with either 1, 1.1, or 1.2 ghz t-bird. I will make my final decision based on the prices when I go to buy. My question lies with what motherboard to get. I have narrowed my choice down to the Abit KT7A or the ASUS A7V133. What would be the best board for someone building his first system to use? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Just in case it might help the rest of the system as of now consists of:

Windows 2000 Professional
Antec 300 watt PSU
256 mb PC133 Cas2 Ram
Asus V7100 Geforce2 MX
Soundblaster Live
13.9 GB Quantum Fireball
3com 10/100 Ethernet Card
Creative 52x Cd Rom
Phillips 4/4/32x CDR/RW

Thakns for the help Everyone!

I asked a similar question and did not get a response yet. However I have purchased the KT7A-RAID...I have read BILLIONS of reviews no...MILLIONS on the subject. I would say that both boards are great...but I currently own 3 MoBo's with Dumpers...FORGET IT! Man if you wanna OC fast and easy get the Abit board. I would be willing to sacrifice 50MHZ just to not have to mess with jumpers...with this board I won't have too.
Both boards have very good designs...
I currently have the original Asus A7V and it works great--Asus usually comes out slightly ahead when performance vs. stability is taken into account

Abit boards are apparently easier to overclock and also work very well...

No matter which way you go, it's a good choice...

My personal preference is Asus, by the way