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newbie dilemma

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Jun 11, 2001
I have been trying to find a good cooling solution for my cpu. most of the better coolers people say are noisy, my case already sounds like an f-14 at idle. one of the solutions I saw suggested was to use a good heatsink and replace the fan with a larger diameter fan that rotates slower. Such as the Global Win WBK38 or Swiftech MC462.

I guess the question is where do I find these large slower rotating fans and how do they adapt to the heatsinks?

Also is there a windows base software I can use to read cpu temp that will also stress the system. or do I have to use separate thermocouple style heat monitoring systems?

I've not heard of any programs that will stress test and monitor temps both, just separate ones... MBM for temps.. and like SETI or Prime95 for stress.
You can get fans and a premade adapter at inflowdirect.com. You could probably make one yourself fairy easily.

Athlon k7 750@1050
128mb pc133
15gb deskstar 7200rpm
Phillips burner
Panaflo makes very good quality, low noise fans. I have two 80mm L1A's, and they are unbelievably quiet. But before you go off changing fans, what kind of processor do you have? The new Thunderbirds generate a lot of heat, and if you don't have sufficient cooling, you could have a much bigger problem on your hands than noise.

You could also consider getting a quieter heatsink/fan combination. The Noise Control Silverado is near inaudible at low speed, and is still a good cooling solution. Of course, it's pretty costly... There's also the option of water cooling. Since it's more efficient, you don't need loud whining fans.
I am running a thunderbird 1.33 Mhz I was getting some temp alarms but switched to another cooling unit which is keeping me out of the alarm range, no load at 45c or more. as soon as I run anything other then my browser the temp jumps over 50c in a heartbeat, I haven't wanted to let it run long enough to see what temp it levels out at. I was considering going with the Swiftech MC462 heatsink and modifying it with a 92mm or larger fan, since they seem to be considerably quieter. don't know if I want to go the liquid route yet, I figure I should be able to get nice low temps and decent noise levels if I don't over clock with a good cpu cooling combination... but that's why I started this thread to see what suggestions are out there.
If you want a relativly quiet system, get rid of all your case fans, your CPU heatsink fan and go with a single centrifugal blower. I wrote an article on such an endeavor. Many people have copied it and though it shines the most when you let it run at full speed, it also works better than anything short of water cooling at slower speeds. The simple reason is one of airflow quality and placement, not quantity. If you have some time, do read this article.