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Newbie, help!!! cooling problems I think

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New Member
Jun 2, 2001
I am building my first PC. I have a soyo K7VTA-B, ATI Fury Rage Pro video card, AMD t-bird 1Ghz, Deer 250W PS, 128mb PC133 SDRAM, ARX ACC5050-08VHZ CPU cooler, WD 20gig 7200 rpm ata100. Here is the problem.
When I get ready to load Win 98 it crashes repeatedly, finally got it installed but not smoothly. Got up and running but was unstable when using Outlook, it would freeze up. It was recommended that I re partition and reformate so I could load 98 without it crashing. As it was loading my hardward drivers it froze up. I turned the system off and on and then got "no video display". My processor burned up. This is the second time this has happened. I know my CPU was too hot and I want to buy a new cooling fan and can't decide btw GlobalWin FOP32-1 or WBK38. Which one is less noisie and which one is better? And really the big question is what am I doing wrong? I hope I have given enough information because I sure do need help. Thanks in advance.
I am not familiar with the heat sink you are using. The FOP38 cools better then the FOP32. Both are very good but make your choice based on how much noise you want to put up with as the FOP38 is one LOUD fan.

Did you have any thermal grease on your heatsink? Grease is needed to aid in the transfer of heat from the cpu to the sink. Many heatsinks come with a thermal pad on them but these are very poor and should be removed and grease used in it's place. Is the clamp on your sink strong enough to compress the 4 feet on the cpu? Over time with several installs and removals the clips tend to relax sometimes.

Last but not least a 250 watt PSU is not enough juice for a TBird a 350-400 would be much better. Not enough power can cause random reboots and instability.
yep, that sounds a whole lot like heat and psu. Go with the Fop 32-1 if you want some quiet performance. Liek Ken said, were you using any type of thermal interface material at all, a pad, goop, anything? Also, was your hsf installed correct i.e. sitting flat on the chip and not slanted? Something is very wrong if you burn a chip with a hsf installed, even a bad socket a shouldn't be burning the chips.
When I built my first computer, I used a generic heatsink/fan that had a thermal pad on the bottom. I forgot to peel off the plastic that covers the pad. I got all the same problems you did. It is a silly mistake but did you check this?.
make sure when you reformat your hard drive that you are not overclocked or if it is make sure its very stable, since you dont have anything on your hard drive now to check stability i think doing it at default settings would be best. If you ever have a choice to run hot or not at all i would go with not at all until you figure your problem out.

It's probably gonna be the power supply is way to little for the 1GHz ;). Goto http://www.pricewatch.com look under power supplies and get a 400Watt for about 55 bucks. And I would spend the extra 20-30 dollars on a GlobalWin or Alpha HS&F. Just my two cents.