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Newbie Mod need help

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Sep 5, 2001
My friend gave me a compusa full tower case that he didnt want anymore the bezel was ugly and curzed so i took it off. I was thinking about adding pelxiglass sidings or just cutting a window in the side panel and the top panel. Also would it be cheaper to buy a window kit or to buy some pelxiglass from home depot and make them myself? Also the case comes with a 400 watt Compusa PSU and it has AT power connectors that I am not using I was wondering if i could cut those off w/o causing any damage to my comp? I also want to add some fans to my comp but i cant decide between 92mm or 120mm from http://mavin.com/computerfans.html money is tight so this will be cheapo mod since i am only 16.
get 120's from KDC
126cfm for $4.95!!! I ordered one for the front of my case. The only problem is that they are loud but I will just make a rheostat. Making your own window is way cheaper. i did my window (8"x12") and I paid $2 for glass and $5 for moulding.
i think you should paint the case like you show it int the pick and then just cut plexi to fit around it. i think it would look mint:cool: